Sunday, 26 February 2012

Vaseline cocoa radiant rich body butter...

I used to use the Vitamin E body butter from The Body Shop and absolutely loved it.
For Christmas I asked for a new one but my mam decided to be a little more adventurous and choose a different one for me, Candied Ginger. I loved it the first time I used it but after that it just began to smell like alcohol to me and made me feel a little Naceous... I've been meaning to pick up the coconut body butter but wasn't willing to pay fifteen quid for it seeing as I'm broke and trying to be careful with my blips these days. My jaw hit the floor when I spotted the Vaseline cocoa radiant rich body butter in Boots. At E6.50 I couldn't help but buy it and my guilt for being such a traitor caused me to hide my boots bag whilst walking by The Body Shop..

So the price was the first thing to draw me in..
The packaging is good too though, some nice coconuts on the lid there... Conveniently enough it also happens to match my nails! lol!
It's also approximately the same size as the body shop body butter so will probably last me three weeks to a month.

It's not as heavy as the body shop stuff, it's light and creamy and smells like summer, coconuts and sun cream!  It's guarantee to give you healthy glowing skin is reliable as my skin has never felt better and the moisture and smell lasts throughout the day. It comes in the form of a lotion and a gel too for those of you who aren't big fans of body butter.
I'll definitely be re-purchasing this one!
You can find it on the boots website here.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hello ladies, I guess some of you are wondering where I've been for the last two weeks?
This is the longest I've gone without blogging and I've been completely lost!
Unfortunately my lovely grandfather passed away after years of battling cancer. 
We buried him in Italy where he lived most of his life, therefore the funeral dragged out for two weeks,
we had one in Ireland and then the whole family returned to Italy for yet another funeral.
Now I know funerals are supposed to be a sad time but in my experience I've found that although sad, they really are a time that bring people together. Getting to stay in my grandparents house with all of my aunties, uncles and cousins turned out to be a great auld laugh weather we were drinking hot chocolate in the local bar or sitting by the fire in the kitchen making up ridiculous games out of boredom! 
So although it's been a tough couple of weeks I've also gotten to spend loads of time with my nearest and dearest in the place I love the most, Italy. 
I couldn't help snap a few pics to show you lovely ladies...
Me and my lovely little nonno, RIP x

It's tradition in Ireland that when someone passes away you drink.. in Italy.. you eat! So the week I was there involved wining and dining on a daily basis and eating my body weight in delicious Italian food... the second photo is our local bar over there, isn't it adorable?

I live on the tip of a mountain in Italy and the snow there has been mental the last couple of weeks, my poor dad was forced out of the car a few times on our way up to pull broken tree's off the road!

This is the view from my granny's house in the tiny village we live in...

We happened to be there at the time of Carnivale! It's basically the Italian version of Halloween and I couldn't help but photograph some of the lovely treats in the local cake shop...


So apologies for my absence, and I promise I've loads of great and interesting posts coming up!


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sexy Lingerie for the big V day!!!...

^Check out that title!
I'm a poet and I don't know it!
So as we all know, and if you don't know you need to leave the house a little more often, Valentines day is coming up. What better way to spoil yourself, and that special person, than to get yourself some sexy Lingerie!
Quite hypocritical coming from a singleton who will most likely spend the night polishing off a bottle of wine and professing her love to her pug. 
Well us single girls can still treat ourselves, did you know that studies have shown us ladies are more confident in our clothes when we wear matching bra's and knickers. So what if you're the only one who's going to see it at the end of the night?
When I heard La Senza was closing down (Only in Ireland.. I think) the little Serena inside my brain had a hissy fit before curling into a ball and dying. I mean I know the place was pricey but it was great to get little treats on special occasions.. 'Like Tuesdays and bank holidays' Dammit why do I always quote Lilo & Stitch!
Now that I'm at a later stage in the grieving process for La Senza, I've been nosing around the inter-web looking for a replacement... 
Kelly Brook's 2012 Lingerie line for New Look has been my best discovery.
Her line see's sexy and classy running down a glamorous road hand in hand.
The prices make me love it even more with the briefs being all under £10 and the bra's all under £15!
They're also available for the more, busty, ladies out there!
My big boobed Italian family will be delighted!
Kelly went ahead and modelled some of the Lingerie herself with her curvy hour-glass figure which gave it that little something extra.
Here's a peek of the Valentines day range...

Is it weird that I just drooled all over myself? lol!
I want the Lingerie along with her face, hair and body please!
You can and buy it in New Look or check out the New Look website here!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Company Magazine Opportunity...

Ooooh I just found out yesterday that Company Magazine are looking for models for their May Issue!
But wait for it.... they don't have to be tall, they don't have to be skinny, they just have to be normal girls like you and me that love fashion!
Seeing as it was my life long dream as a child to be a model, and you get to go to London if you're in the top 12, I decided to enter very last minute!
The closing date is the ninth so I have until midnight or sometime tomorrow to get myself some votes!
So if any of you ladies are up for voting for me, or want to enter yourself (Do it! You know you want to!)
then click here and choose Enter now, or if you're up for voting for me please like my photo's.
My name is Serena by the way in case you've forgotten :)
Thanks :D

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

When Sheep Dress Like Shepards...

So you all know how much I love putting outfits together, and I thought, why not do a monthly post finding outfits that resemble those of some of my style icons/inspirations. 
I have a really mixed fashion sense, you'll see me in a pencil skirt, a blouse and some stiletto's one day, and in shorts, ripped tights, boots and a grunge T-shirt the next! 
I'm also very adventurous when it comes to my wardrobe and amen't afraid to wear clothes that some people wouldn't be caught dead in... A particular quote comes to mind when I say this..
'They laugh because I'm different, I laugh because they're all the same!' 
Love that one! 
So I'm basing this on five of my favourite fashion goddesses...

Olivia Palermo
I'm absolutely in love with Olivia's elegant, high fashion, modest style. She's a great fashion role model for young women in the working world. This is one of my favourite of her outfits, it's so effortlessly simple.

The Trousers  and the brown skinny belt are both from ASOS. I love wide leg trousers like these and always feel very ladylike when wearing them, you can throw them on with a tank top and pumps in the daytime or pair them with a nice blouse and heels for a more formal look. Pussybow blouses are available in a lot of high street stores, the white one above is from New Look and the clutch bag is from

Alexa Chung
You gotta love Alexa Chung's laid back fashion sense, I'm really liking this festival outfit she wore as it's easy to find and looks really chic!

I try to stay away from horizontal lines as they do tend to give the illusion that your a little bigger than you are, but I have to admit seeing Alexa in one has made me want one really bad! The one above is from River Island.The jeans are from Topshop, one of the few shops that I trust for buying jeans as they seem to last longest. I also love the way Alexa added some layered necklaces, I choose vintage over retro any day so I chose the black necklace from Topshop and this adorable three layered bird necklace from Dolly Bow Bow.

Kate Moss
I couldn't not love this outfit, anything to do with Disney that can look this cool is at the top of my wishlist!

I actually prefer this top that I found in River Island, it would look great with these skinny jeans also from River Island. I'm not mad about the boots Kate is wearing, they're a little too plain for my likings and I'd much rather the boots above from The leather biker jacket is available in Topshop.

Blake Lively
Being on the set of Gossip girl has a great impact on Blake's fashion sense, this self styled fashionista never disappoints me. I love this figure hugging electric blue dress!
This one from ASOS. I love the lower neck line and the pockets.

Dita Von Teese
I absolutely love Dita's quirky, vintage fashion sense including this stunning red dress! Pity we're not all born with a waist like hers!
Red dresses are so sexy and beautiful! This one from ASOS is stunning and oh so sexy!

What do you ladies think of these outfits?


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Oh how times have changed.. a Cringe-worthy post!!

Well seeing as I stepped out of my comfort zone yesterday and posted a few pics of myself I thought I'd do a completely embarrassing post today...
Tonight I got access to my cousins old Bebo page and got a hold of pictures from Summer 2006 onwards!!!!
As you all probably know I'm half Italian and head over there every summer where the small village I'm from transforms into Ireland with all of my friends and family! I live for summer every year and always start my clothes shopping months in advance.. seeing the photo's really showed me how much my fashion sense has changed (for the better) throughout the years and I thought.. Ah fuck it, I'll show my followers and give them a nice laugh!!
So... here we go...

Summer 2006...
I was 13!! So as you can see my hair is quite short as I was yet to discover extensions, I had braces, a flat chest and let's not even get started on the very little make-up I had on! As for the outfit... I remember my mam buying me the Miss Sixty boob tube, I actually kept it for years as it looked lovely with jeans (at the time!)... and I opted to wear it with the tacky, elasticated white skirt from one of those super tacky shops that were oh so popular back then for purchasing slutty outfits for your local teenage disco's! 

Summer 2007...
I was 14.. Oh Lord! My hair seems to have gotten shorter... I did wear extensions at the time but not this night! Ok so the red and white stripy top is normal... little cardigan over it, can't complain much.. I'm not really sure why my mam let me out of the house in such a short skirt for a girl of 14 but the white denim is such an improvement from the tacky elastic material in the last photo! As for the shoes... I actually thought they were high at the time... now the look like kitten heels compared to the platforms I wear!!

Summer 2008...
I was 15.. this was probably the best summer I've had as it was the year I was allowed to stay out later and head out clubbing with my sister and her friends! I actually really like this outfit although I wouldn't be caught dead in it now! It was the year when Sailor style was huge so I wore these red, high waist shorts with the navy and white striped top.. the red heels... still so low but I remember them being in back then. As you can see I discovered hair extensions, unfortunately I'd gotten the bright idea to get a gullet (female mullet) cut into my hair that year, you can kind of see it in the photo.. What was I thinking?..

Summer 2009...
I was 16... The legal drinking age in Italy is 16.. as you can imagine, this was a messy summer! I had dyed my hair black which I loved in the summer with a tan, but once I returned to Ireland and the tan faded, even with my sallow skin the black hair made me look completely washy! I got the Bodycon dress in H&M and still have it in my wardrobe, it's one of those LBD's that I just can't throw away because it completely sucks in your stomach.. unfortunately it's shrunk a lot and is really short now so I haven't worn it recently. I layered two necklaces as the dress is quite simple, if I was to wear it now I'd either wear no necklace, or pile on four or five! lol...

Summer 2010...
I was 17... excuse the awful photo it doesn't do justice to that dress at all! So that was the summer I got a fringe, hated it and wore it clipped to the side every night! lol The white dress is from fcuk, I got in on sale and because it was ripped I got a further reduction so It worked out at a reasonable price and all I had to do was sew it up a little! I still love this dress, it was my first white dress and looked great with a tan! I actually have to get it out and start wearing it again now that I think of it!

Summer 2011...

As you probably guessed I am the most unphotogenic person in the world! But what can ya do? As you can see this summer my fashion sense was more.. chilled. I loved wearing high waisted shorts, crop tops and my good auld converse, maxi dresses were also worn a lot as I love how elegant and ladylike they make you feel and modesty finally kicked in and I wore a lot of shirts and blouses. My hair was also more chilled out, instead of going through the effort of straightening and curling it only to be ruined by the humidity, I used to wash my hair and extensions, pop them in with a bit of conditioner and go out with it wet letting nature take it's course and having wavy, effortless hair! 

Isn't it crazy how times have changed?? 
I'd love to see you ladies do a blog post like this.. have you got the guts? I challenge you!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fake bangs and Skirt to dress transformation...

Transformation: To change the appearance of form of something.

Last year I got a fringe cut into my hair and I loved it at first, but after just a week I was sick of it! It required so much maintenance and never came out the way I wanted it to! Once it had finally grown out I decided never to get a fringe again and instead opted for fake bangs from Hairspray
I had a fake fringe back when I had black hair so when I went back brown I headed in to buy myself another, unfortunately for me the rude sales assistant just couldn't wait to get me out of the place and pretty much rushed me, I therefore spent around thirty quid on a fringe that's way too dark for my hair. I'm more pissed off at myself for not going back and complaining than I am at that tacky yellow headed bitch of a sales assistant... 
the fringes are amazing if you get the right colour, they don't need any maintenance and are attached by two little clips at the top. So although mine doesn't match I took a few photo's...
Warning: I try to avoid posts like this because I hate photographing myself.. for some strange reason I always do this strange half smile half pout thing... for this I apologize!


There it is, the creepy smile pout that only comes out when I'm stone sober or intoxicatedly drunk! I got a little carried away with my eyebrow pencil today as you can see but this ones for the hair, not the makeup!
If you're having one of those days where you roll out of bed and haven't got the patience nor energy to straighten that mane of yours, the bangs come in super handy! You can just throw your hair in a bun and pop them in making you look like you actually made some sort of effort! As I mentioned before they're available in Hairspray.

Now on to the second part of this post, the skirt - dress transformation. 
I've been dying to do this for months but just didn't have the courage to stand around taking photo's of myself.. As I've mentioned in many post's including I'm a Gypsy.. I love the fact that floor length and knee length skirts are back in fashion! Modesty is one of my favourite things when it comes to style and I find it so empowering that we can go out with our legs completely covered and still look sexy! 
I bought this skirt in Penneys/Primark just after the summer and it's become a key piece in my wardrobe for both casual, and clubbing.
If I'm heading out shopping or to the cinema with the girls I love throwing this on with converse and a nice crop top as it's super duper comfy!

Excuse the face... So I have my filthy converse that need a wash on, the crop top is from ASOS and the shirt I have over it is from Topshop. This outfit really isn't to everyone's taste but I just love loose, comfy things like this!
So I was heading on a night out with my bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Stephanie from Style Me Ricci.. and I couldn't find anything to wear.. So we decided to put our tiny brains together and get creative with this skirt by transforming it into a dress....
Basically I popped it up over ma boobies, and rather than put a belt on with it we opted for a necklace which I've had for years and never worn!

I absolutely loved this outfit, the length came to just above the knee and I felt glamorous and super elegant in comparison to all the girls in the club wearing knickers and belly tops that night! lol
The best part is it can be done with any long skirt so don't be afraid to experiment and play around with your clothes!


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