Thursday, 2 February 2012

A boys take on Valentines day...

It's that time of year again when Valentines day comes around...
I personally have never been in a relationship or anything close to one for the big day so mine is usually spent eating tubs of Nutella or getting absolutely hammered and heading out with the girls..

What is Valentines day? 
Well it dates all the way back to the High middle ages when the tradition of courting and love was at an all time high. The day is actually honouring St Valentine and is 'Known as a day when lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, confectionery and sending greeting cards.'
'Confectionery' doesn't seem to be the gift of the moment nowadays though.. I've seen friends and families dish out to buy their partners expensive jewellery, hotel breaks and some of the latest technology.
 So for most lucky ladies out there it's a day of receiving presents, doing romantic things and hearing how much your partner loves and appreciates you... That made me wonder.. what's in it for the boys?..
I mean they have to pay for a present, a date and shower their girl with affection! 

I, being super nosy and curious about this particular holiday, decided to survey some a few lads I know and find out. They range from the age of 13 all the way up to fifty, some are married, some are in relationships and some are single and reminiscing about the Valentines days that they shared with partners.

Valentines day seems to be so commercialised... I've been seeing tacky paper hearts decorating the walls and windows of every store and advertisements encouraging people to 'buy your partner this and give them a Valentines day to remember' Sometimes I think we've lost the true meaning of a day meant for courting and showing affection.. then again, I am a single girl who spends most of her day cuddled up with her pug..
So I asked the lads if they think Valentines day is super Romantic or a completely commercialised day for shops to make a lot of money?
To be honest I expected them all to say commercial.. you know how men are... In the end it worked out that 37% still find the day romantic.. I guess chivalry isn't completely dead after all..
The other 63% however agree that the day is all Commercial with one lad adding:
'It's the appreciation of the relationship that should count, not the value!'
I must say I have to agree..

Next I moved on to the price tag.. Having watched my sister in a few serious relationships I was shocked to see just how much money some guys are willing to splurge on that perfect gift.. 
So I was super duper nosy and asked the lads how much they'd spend, or last spent on a partners present..
I was shocked with some of the results with a whopper 75% spending over 100 blips on the present alone, not including the date... 
I know I'm not eighty years old yet but I'm pretty sure that back in the day women would have been happy with a kiss...

Now I'm not blaming all the women out there for this, I'm pretty sure we don't demand our men to break their bank accounts on luxurious gifts.. so I asked the lads what is their idea of a perfect Valentines date.. Take notes girls,  you've twelve days... 
Of course me, always expecting the worst, was waiting for: 'Get a pizza, have a few beers and watch the match..' but surprisingly most guys seem to like the idea of wining and dining with 50% saying they'd like to go for a meal in a restaurant.
I nearly welled up when one lad said 'Just being together!' How sweet! 
Another lad said he'd love to 'do something romantic and meaningful, go to the botanic gardens or the place we first met..'
25% agreed on something not too soppy, like sitting in and watching a DVD with some wine or the cinema.
One lad even suggested going on a trip abroad together to America or Venice..
only one of the lads actually admitted to expecting some good sex afterwards...

It seems to me like the days of a sweet card, a cuddly teddy and some flowers are slowly dying out with only 25% admitting to have bought their last girlfriend a teddy and a card last V day. So I asked the lads what was the last gift they bought for a partner on Valentines day.
50% claim they bought them jewellery, and 25% went all out and bought their lucky lady a holiday!
I don't know if I just surveyed a group of rich young men or if these statistics are accurate but holy crap.. a holiday? it's time to find me a man.. lol!

 I wasn't actually sure weather girls buy guys Valentines day presents.. so I decided to ask the lads what they received last Valentines day.
75% Received just a card, the other 25% received aftershave! (That's the only thing that I can ever think to buy a boy!) One of the lads claimed that last Valentines day he received 'A broken heart!' Gawh!

So ladies, most of you probably have a lot more experience than I do in the Valentines day sector, what do you think of what these lads said? 
What was your perfect Valentines day date/present?
And do you find the day romantic or agree with most of the lads that it's all commercial?

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