Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Company Magazine Opportunity...

Ooooh I just found out yesterday that Company Magazine are looking for models for their May Issue!
But wait for it.... they don't have to be tall, they don't have to be skinny, they just have to be normal girls like you and me that love fashion!
Seeing as it was my life long dream as a child to be a model, and you get to go to London if you're in the top 12, I decided to enter very last minute!
The closing date is the ninth so I have until midnight or sometime tomorrow to get myself some votes!
So if any of you ladies are up for voting for me, or want to enter yourself (Do it! You know you want to!)
then click here and choose Enter now, or if you're up for voting for me please like my photo's.
My name is Serena by the way in case you've forgotten :)
Thanks :D

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