Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fake bangs and Skirt to dress transformation...

Transformation: To change the appearance of form of something.

Last year I got a fringe cut into my hair and I loved it at first, but after just a week I was sick of it! It required so much maintenance and never came out the way I wanted it to! Once it had finally grown out I decided never to get a fringe again and instead opted for fake bangs from Hairspray
I had a fake fringe back when I had black hair so when I went back brown I headed in to buy myself another, unfortunately for me the rude sales assistant just couldn't wait to get me out of the place and pretty much rushed me, I therefore spent around thirty quid on a fringe that's way too dark for my hair. I'm more pissed off at myself for not going back and complaining than I am at that tacky yellow headed bitch of a sales assistant... 
the fringes are amazing if you get the right colour, they don't need any maintenance and are attached by two little clips at the top. So although mine doesn't match I took a few photo's...
Warning: I try to avoid posts like this because I hate photographing myself.. for some strange reason I always do this strange half smile half pout thing... for this I apologize!


There it is, the creepy smile pout that only comes out when I'm stone sober or intoxicatedly drunk! I got a little carried away with my eyebrow pencil today as you can see but this ones for the hair, not the makeup!
If you're having one of those days where you roll out of bed and haven't got the patience nor energy to straighten that mane of yours, the bangs come in super handy! You can just throw your hair in a bun and pop them in making you look like you actually made some sort of effort! As I mentioned before they're available in Hairspray.

Now on to the second part of this post, the skirt - dress transformation. 
I've been dying to do this for months but just didn't have the courage to stand around taking photo's of myself.. As I've mentioned in many post's including I'm a Gypsy.. I love the fact that floor length and knee length skirts are back in fashion! Modesty is one of my favourite things when it comes to style and I find it so empowering that we can go out with our legs completely covered and still look sexy! 
I bought this skirt in Penneys/Primark just after the summer and it's become a key piece in my wardrobe for both casual, and clubbing.
If I'm heading out shopping or to the cinema with the girls I love throwing this on with converse and a nice crop top as it's super duper comfy!

Excuse the face... So I have my filthy converse that need a wash on, the crop top is from ASOS and the shirt I have over it is from Topshop. This outfit really isn't to everyone's taste but I just love loose, comfy things like this!
So I was heading on a night out with my bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Stephanie from Style Me Ricci.. and I couldn't find anything to wear.. So we decided to put our tiny brains together and get creative with this skirt by transforming it into a dress....
Basically I popped it up over ma boobies, and rather than put a belt on with it we opted for a necklace which I've had for years and never worn!

I absolutely loved this outfit, the length came to just above the knee and I felt glamorous and super elegant in comparison to all the girls in the club wearing knickers and belly tops that night! lol
The best part is it can be done with any long skirt so don't be afraid to experiment and play around with your clothes!


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