Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mini ELF haul!!...

So I'm constantly hearing about ELF products on blogs but was never arsed to get on the website and buy stuff... Until I done my What's in my makeup drawer post and noticed what a closed minded, boring fuck I am when it comes to cosmetics. So in order to add a little variety to my collection I creeped onto the website (Despite being broke) and had a nose.. 
Well it's a wonder everyone's always going on about the stuff! The prices are EPIC! 
There I was thinking I wouldn't be able to afford anything when really I could afford half of the friggin website!
I kept myself controlled and decided not to splurge seeing as it was my first time shopping there..
So I picked up four products and including delivery it came to 10.50! ? ! ?
Elf where have you been all my life?

Once again as I always say excuse the terrible quality of the photographs.. my mothers most stupid decision in life was paying money for the piece of crap that she calls a camera..
So I purchased... 

 I picked up this elf natural radiance blusher in the colour flushed for just £1.50... coming from a gal that spends a lot of money on her make-up and usually wouldn't put something this cheap anywhere near her face.. I really enjoy this product! The colour is subtle but still noticeable and it's a great change from my usually orange blusher. One thing I have to complain about is packaging.. firstly the pot is much smaller than I expected.. But I guess that's my fault for not reading the description properly. Now I don't know if I'm just that bit slower than everyone else but It took me a week and six family members to figure out how to open it... I didn't realize that all you have to do is slide it and spent valuable time tormenting my fingers trying to figure it out. I think they should give directions on the package for dum dums like me!

I've been trying to expand my nail varnish collection (for the little nail I have left on my fingers) so I decided to pick up this nail polish in the colour Coral, It looks a little different in the picture as I had to edit them... it's pretty much a shiny orange/pink colour and I have two coats on. It does chip easily but for people like me whose nail polish only survives up to two days before being munched off, It's a good buy! I'd definitely re-purchase elf nail varnishes for the small price of £1.50!

I'm also trying to expand my lip gloss collection as I've been far too dedicated to Mac's musky amethyst and need a bit of a change. I opted for the hyper-shine lipgloss in the shade Nude Pink. I really like the colour, it reminds me of Oyster girl by Mac. I also love the container, you just twist it at the bottom and lots of product comes out. The gloss however is very sticky, I'm not sure if it's because I'm so used to wearing lipstick and amen't used to wearing gloss anymore but it does get on my nerves.. You also need to have your lips super exfoliated before application.

I saved the best until last... the Elf Daily blush cleaner is just £2.45 and one of the more expensive products on the site.. I'm so lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes because I have sooo many and usually mess up the bathroom and get shouted at by mammy every time I try! This daily brush cleaner is great for people like me! I just gave each brush two sprays, then wiped them off on some tissue and the results were fantastic.. I use the Mac brush in the picture for my black eyeshadows and it looks brand new after using this! It has a subtle fresh perfume smell that for some reason reminds me of the summer and the bottle is 250ml and will last me ages! Definitely re-purchasing this one!

Have you ladies used any if these products? If so what did you think of them?
Any other great products or cheap makeup brands that are worth having a look at?


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