Sunday, 1 April 2012

Classy or Trashy? Impress press on nails...

Ahh what better way to start this month than with a bad review.. Nobody loves a good moan like I do!
I recently promised a nail technician that I'd stop biting my nails.. Finding it easier said than done I've resorted to wearing fake nails, and seeing as I can't afford to maintain acrylic or gel ones, I've decided to go for glue ons. 
So when I was casually strolling through Dunnes last Monday with the mammy and came across the new press on nails by Broadway, I decided to give it a go.
I grabbed the nails and headed for the counter, where, instead of throwing the nails on the ground and stomping on them after hearing the ridiculous price of E10.50, I stayed my awkward self and paid the ridiculous amount of money so that the shop assistant wouldn't think, know, that I'm flat out broke! (That's the way my strange mind works you see!)

I must have been feeling a little delusional on the day as I opted for the cheetah skin ones thinking they'd look super funky. 
I decided to try them out the night before I was heading on a night out with college friends.
There's enough in a packet for two sets of nails. All you do is give your nails a wipe with the little pad you get with them, then peel off the see through seal and press them firmly on your nails for a few seconds.
I was having doubts about the cheetah skin print from the moment they were on my stubby fingers and couldn't define the line between funky and tacky.. 
By the next morning the nails had already lifted quite a bit and I discovered that some of them were weaker than others and folded right over! Still none fell off so I wasn't too discouraged.

The minute I arrived in my friends house my senses started to return and I realized that I really didn't like the nails.. when one popped off with no help at all I began to get angry, and a few hours, and plenty of drinks later, I found myself in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by nails that I'd munched off in an angry state!

I know it was my fault for choosing a cheetah print that truly wasn't me.. but I truly wasn't impressed by the quality of the nails! They popped right off without a struggle and barely lasted two days! They were also really square and I know this sounds stupid.. but they didn't give my hands that skinny, lady-like look that regular fake nails do. They were definitely a waste of E10.50 and I certainly wouldn't recommend them to any of you lovely ladies!

What do you think of the print? Do you find it tacky or was I just being paranoid? Have any of you ladies tried them out? If so what did you think of them?


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