Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cold Sore Cures!...

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but I am the queen of cold sores! No joke!
I always get them and it's super annoying! Not only do I get one cold sore, oh no, I start off with one, which eventually spreads into 5 and I end up having to walk around in public looking like a blowfish with herpes!
They have to be the most annoying thing in the world! They're painful, they're ugly, they stick around for weeks, sometimes I get the at the edge of my lips so I find it hard to even open my mouth! You can't cover them in makeup (or they're guaranteed to spread) and you certainly can't wear lipgloss! It's sick!
Lately though I've been trying to avoid getting them, nipping it at the bud, and if one does happen to bravely pop up on my face it's dealt with immediately.. I guess you could call me the Godfather of cold sores!
So here's a list of some cures that I've found handy for getting rid of Cold sores...


People had been telling me for years that if I felt a cold sore coming to put ice on it immediately.. I never believed them.. I mean what's a bit of frozen water gonna do? A lot! If you start to feel the makings of a cold sore on your lip, get some ice cubes out of the freezer and wrap them in a cloth or some tissue.. Hold it to the spot for 15-20 minutes at a time every few hours throughout the day.. This stops the cold sore from breaking through the skin and seems to.. put it to sleep, If you still feel the cold sore coming just keep pressing ice on it and eventually it should go away.. (it did for me anyway!) If the cold sore has already broken the skin this probably won't work as well but in my experience it worked wonders for the cold sore that was creeping up on me out of nowhere!


I'm not sure if any of you done Home economics back in school but if you did you'll probably remember learning the Amino Acids, Lysine being one of them! These Vitamins help to fight cold sores and mouth ulcers. I think your supposed to take one a day but I don't take them in fear of becoming Immune, Then how will I get rid of my cold sores? When I feel a cold sore 'a' comin I just pop two of these babies twice a day. Thanks to Lysine I haven't had a cold sore in months and I'm delighted! Even if that cold sore does pop up continue taking these to speed up the recovery and keep the herpes simplex virus from replicating.

So once the cold sore has came out there's usually one thing on my mind.. Getting rid of it! And fast!
I always pop some toothpaste on it at night before I go to bed as it acts as a disinfectant and helps to dry it out speeding up the healing process. It does sting when you put it on but if it's gonna get rid of the little fecker I'm willing to endure some pain!

If I have to go out and need to put make-up on I always spray perfume on my cold sores to prevent them from spreading. It freezes the infection and although it stings and you may end up swallowing some not so nice tasting liquid it's well worth it. Also make sure to disinfect all of your make-up brushes after using them as they're probably full of cold sore bacteria!

Compeed cold sore patches
These babies claim to get rid of cold sores in three days.. that didn't happen for me but I still found them great for applying make-up.. When I had a christening to go to last year and had broken out in cold sores all over my lips I covered them with these patches and put my make-up over them.. It was really effective and you couldn't even tell that I had any cold sores.

Again if you already have a cold sore sudocrem is great for drying it out.. just pop it on before you go to sleep, (you might end up with white patches all over you pillow) and it will help to dry out the sore and again speed up the process.

I hope this post helps you ladies and I highly recommend picking up the Lysine tablets as they prevent the cold sores in the first place. They're available from Holland & Barrett and in most pharmacies. If your not into swallowing large pills, man up and take them! They truly are life savers!


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