Saturday, 17 March 2012

Florence Ti Amo...

So as you all probably know I'm planning on moving to Florence, Italy next year to study Fashion Design in the college of my dreams! Me and my dad decided to head over for four days for the opening day of the college and to get to know the area.. we're originally from the South of Italy and I'd never been to Florence before so it was nice to have a look around my future home! My dad got a little snap happy so I thought I'd share the photo's with you and tell you all about the trip.

Ryanair don't fly directly to Florence so we landed in Pisa and stayed there for a night before getting the train to Florence.. Of course we visited the leaning tower and it was fab! I'm not sure if you're allowed to go into the actual tower but when we got there it was evening time so it was closed.. It was really nice to see though!

Typical tourists! Sheeesh...

By night the tower was absolutely amazing!
On our last night (Friday) we returned to Pisa and they lit the tower up green to celebrate St Patricks day.. we didn't get a picture :(

I nearly pee'd myself with excitement (seriously I did!) when I spotted a Lush in Pisa! I couldn't find one in Florence but if I'm ever truly desperate for a nice bath bar or moisturiser I will by all means hop on the train for an hour and get some!

We got Sushi on our last night! Yum!

The first thing we done on arrival to Florence was check out my college. Its the yellow building behind me in this photo. It's in a square called Piazza Pitti right across from the historical Pitti Palace which has a huge art museum inside that we checked out.

 Just a few minutes walk from my college is the legendary church of Santa Croce which is absolutely amazing as you can see! 
We visited a Medici palace which was also an art museum, this is the courtyard which I thought was stunning! There was also a jewelry exhibition which was amazing but I'm not going to tell you too much about it as I plan doing a post on it soon.

The photo isn't of great quality but this was a window display in one of the coffee shops.. Audrey Hepburn and Easter eggs.. can it get any better?...

I had to snap a photo of this window display in one of the shops.. It's a Marie Antoinette styled dog! lol...

Another highlight was getting to see art that I've only ever seen in books up close and personal! This is the statue of David by Michealangelo (and that tiny man beside it is my dad!) My art teachers always told me that it's big but I still couldn't believe the size of it! Absolutely breathtaking! I also got to see the work of my favourite Renaissance artist Botticelli, my favourites being Primavera and The Birth of Venus.

The famous bridge Ponte Vecchio is literally five minutes from my college.. The shops on the bridge are strictly Jewelry... and it's expensive too, but it was great for the auld window shopping!

All in all I absolutely love Florence and can't wait to move there in September!
Here's a few tips for if you ever visit...

-When buying coffee don't sit down in the cafe... Drink it standing up unless you want to pay double the price.. Once you've sat in a seat they charge you for service so that E1.50 coffee can automatically become E5.00! 
-Be specific.. for example when ordering ice cream tell them what size you want.. small cone, 2 euro cup, 4 euro cup.. if you just ask for a chocolate ice cream they'll give you the largest one they have which could cost up to twenty euro! The worst part is once it's in your hands you can't say boo to them and will be forced to pay!

-Compare prices.. It's so easy to just stroll into a restaurant and sit down.. but you should really compare prices of a few different places before you decide.. Because it's such a busy place it's so easy to be overcharged! I could order a plate of pasta in one restaurant for 15 quid when a place just down the road has it for 5!

-Pack wisely... I packed a load of winter clothes and boots for the trip and was shocked at the 25 degree weather when I got there! I absolutely melted in my winter clothes during the day but at night when the temperatures dropped I froze! So I suggest checking the weather forecast.. oh and bring your walking shoes... It's a very pedestrianised place and a lot of walking is done!

Have any of you ever been to Florence?


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