Thursday, 22 March 2012

Get the Louis Look...

Back in January I did a post called New York to Paris to London to Milan to Your Wardrobe... in which I tried to replicate Spring Summer looks which were fresh off the runway, at high street prices!
For tonight's post I decided I'd do pretty much the same but with one of my favourite collections, Louis Vuitton.
The Louis Vuitton collections was so pretty and it's main properties were pastel colours and lace..
making it so easy to replicate especially now that 'coincidentally' white lace has been popping up in every high street store! 

I have to admit I'm loving this look and plan on filling my summer wardrobe with a few staple lace pieces..
So I had a nose in three of my favourite places to shop, River Island, Topshop and Asos, and here's what I found to give you the Louis look this summer! 

River Island

Pretty mint lace skirt...



Might I just take a moment to mention what a stunner that blonde Asos model is? Grrr not one bit jealous! lol..
So what are you ladies thinking of the Louis look? Are you going to be packing some lace pieces into your suitcases this summer?|


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