Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Birthday To You...

So my amazing cousin/brother/best friend turned 18 on Friday and we headed out last night to celebrate!
We had pre-drinks in his house followed by a drunken ride in a party bus out to a nightclub in town..
It ended up being a messy yet brilliant night!
Seeing as I've been running out of blogspiration lately I thought I'd do an outfit post and show you ladies what I wore last night...

I'm not really one for wearing belly tops but I'd had my eyes on this striped one for weeks before I finally decided to splurge and buy it in American Apparel.. I absolutely love it and think it's really classy, your little ladies and neck are covered yet your still showing skin.. I love it! I had to have a few JD's before leaving the house with my belly out though and I found myself sucking it in every time a camera was near! lol

I had originally planned to wear the top with a more puffy skirt but unfortunately I've grown out of my one so I wore it with the plain black bandeau skirt (which is actually a boob tube top, I just wear it as a skirt!)

I've mentioned before that my heels have to be super high.. these skin coloured patent ones are one of my favourite pairs! I got them in Korkys for forty euro which I think is an extremely fair price for shoes! They look super uncomfortable and hard to walk in but they're actually one of my more comfy pairs as the platform is huge and your back is supported. 

I'm madly hungover today and am planning on flaking on the couch with a stack of magazines!
No better cure!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like me!

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