Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lush Toothy Tabs: Ultrablast...

I heard about these babies from Lorraine over at John, It's Only Make-up! and just had to try them out! 
My teeth.. ugh where do I start? I suffered from a not so rare disorder called 'having braces' for almost three years of my life and when that supposedly happy day came that my sexy dentist took them off.. I almost cried! Although my teeth were perfectly straight I still managed to resemble a horse.. 
Then began the chain smoking, coffee drinking, junk food eating years. (which still haven't ended and probably won't end any time soon!) 
So let's just say my teeth have pretty much been abused and instead of being pearly whites they're more of a stained yellow! Which is why I was quick to head into Lush and pick up some toothy tabs.

With the help of the lovely shop assistant I chose 'Ultrablast' as I wanted something minty. 
I suffer from awful morning breath.. mainly on the mornings when I've been out smoking and drinking the night before and threw myself into the bed in a drunken pile without even brushing.. (I'm ashamed to admit that this has been happening more often than I'd like!) These are known to fight bad breath so I immediately picked them up.

Toothy tabs are little tablets, they cost around E3.50 in Lush and are a tooth cleanser...
You take one of the little tabby's and chew it between your teeth (Like a rabbit) Avoid it touching your tongue as it hasn't got the greatest taste in the world.. When it's all crunched up wet your toothbrush and brush away. The powder foams up giving your teeth and mouth a great clean and leaving your breath minty fresh and your teeth feeling super smooth and clean when you rub your tongue over them. 
The tabs are also great for whitening as they contain bicarbonate of soda and these Ultrablast ones contain more crazy cleaning ingredients such as Wasabi, Pea powder and peppermint oil.
I know it sounds rank but they actually don't taste bad at all, they kind of taste like that weird mouth wash the dentist gives you at the end of a visit. 
I've been really happy with the results, I've only been using them a week so I haven't noticed a massive change in the colour of my teeth but they rid my mouth of that smoky taste that is so hard to get rid of and leave my teeth squeaky clean! For such a reasonable price I definitely recommend picking some up next time your near a Lush. 

Have you ladies ever tried Toothy tabs? If so what do you think?


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