Saturday, 24 March 2012

When Sheep Dress Like Shepards: The Lana edition!

Lana Del Rey has taken the world by storm with her debut Album 'Born to die' and her breathtaking looks.
I can't help but notice that the public seem to have a love/hate relationship with her.. she's like marmite.. as Simon would say. 
Despite me normally hating most artists that come out of the charts I can't help but love her unusual voice and intriguing looks and fashion sense. It's not every day that an album comes out in which you love every song so she automatically gained my respect.
So for my latest 'when shepards dress like sheep' post I decided to focus on Lana and her quirky fashion sense.. Here are some outfit replication idea's...

Lana has a very refreshing summery side to her style and likes to wear crop tops, shorts and converse..
This front tie shirt from Asos reminded me very much of Lana and would look great paired with these denim shorts, also from Asos..

Again with the little denim shorts.. the ones above are from Dolly Bow Bow Boutique (who are now starting to do Apparel, and at reasonable prices too! Woo!)  White Converse are a must if you want to be anything like Lana.. No that's not true they're just a must for me seeing as I've been lusting after them for months! The ones above are from Schuh.. The adorable polka dot crop is from Asos and is actually on sale so if you're interested I'd head over.. (it's under £10!!).

I'm not too mad about the outfit Lana's wearing above.. (Mainly because her Chino's are either too big or need a nice steaming..) but I do like the concept of the chino's, colourful shirt and cons!
The Chino's above are three quarter length and are from River Island, the floral shirt is from H&M and the grey cons are from Schuh.. (I just want them in every colour God damn!)

Spotted this beauty in American Apparel the other day and it instantly reminded me of Lana's huge rose jacket.. (well, a more toned down and wearable version..) I absolutely love it!

And again with the denim shorts! Absolutely loving the tankini she's wearing and I found this similar one in River Island.. I never wear tankini's to the beach/pool on holidays.. I usually wear skimpy little bikini's in order to get the best tan possible! Lately though, I've been loving the idea of wearing tankini's and shorts this summer.. I mean we wear rompers don't we? So why not?

Now as much as I love Lana's flower head pieces I don't think I'm high fashion enough to wear one out in public.. (although I plan on trying!) so I found this coloured one and this white and pearl one in Accessorize.

And lastly the flower skirt and shirt combination which although I usually hate anything floral, I love!
The skirt is from and the white shirt is from Topshop.. I have it in Black and get so much wear out of it so I always recommend the chiffon shirts in any colour from topshop!

What do you ladies think of Lana's music and style? I'll leave you with my Favourite Lana song..
Have a nice weekend :)

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