Sunday, 29 April 2012

Head chains...

I have always adored Bollywood style head chains!
In the past the only time I seen them worn were with wedding dresses but lucky for me they seem to be the number one festival accessory this summer and I've seen several people sporting them on nights out!
They, like most items I blog about, are for the brave.. If you had of asked me to leave the house with one on my head back in the day when I was boring I would have refused.. but today the idea excites me!
So I trotted my little booty into Topshop and picked one up for myself..
I love the pointed shape at the top and think it would compliment anyone's face! Unfortunately an opportunity has not yet arisen for me to wear it as I've been very broke and very boring lately, but I promise to show you ladies a photo as soon as I do! It's £8.50 but unfortunately thanks to the RIP OFF (don't get me started!) currency conversions I spent at least fifteen euro on it, (I can't remember the exact amount!)
Here are some other head chains I've been loving...

This one, also from Topshop is identical to the one Kim Kardashian was photographed wearing and I love it! It can be worn any way you want weather it's with a ponytail, bun or with your hair down. This ones a little more expensive than the last at £10.00.

I'm not sure if any of you remember but I mentioned this head chain in a Halloween costume idea post I done back in October.. At the time I thought it was ideal for a greek goddess costume, but today I'd love nothing more than to wear it on a night out! How times change! It costs $26 on Ebay...

As you all know I'm quite the feather fanatic so I'm absolutely raging that I didn't spot this beauty in River Island before buying my head chain. It costs £10 and I'm loving it!

If you're more of a flower hippy I'm also in love with this head piece from Dolly Bow Bow.. 
Flower headbands were out last year but I didn't see much of them, hopefully they'll be everywhere this summer!

Another great one is this ear cuff/head chain, two trends in one! At the moment the bidding is at 99c so if your an Ebay user and like this I'd head on over there!

What do you ladies think of hair chains? Do you think they're in it for the long run or are they gonna be another summer fling?


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Owl & Dagger Clothing...

Over the last year I've been loving anything brightly colored, ripped, studded or tie dyed, which is why I was delighted to come across Owl & Dagger clothing on Facebook.
As you all know I am quite addicted to online browsing and buying, especially from unusual places like Etsy and interesting little Blog stores. I love supporting new businesses and spreading the word about hidden gems online... So I just had to show you this!
I've been looking for new pieces for my summer wardrobe (Gotta start early when your under my financial circumstances).. and was delighted to stumble upon Owl & Dagger run by the lovely Lucy.
The store sells funky T-shirts and jumpers which are tie dyed and/or studded. 

 Tie dye really never goes out of fashion and I've seen it pop up several times over the last few years, especially now that summer is coming and it's back all over high street stores.

From the second I laid eyes on this jumper I knew I had to have it! Studs and tie dye all in one... It was my lucky day! And for the price of £25 I just couldn't resist! 
There's a huge color chart to choose from so you can pick and mix your colors, and having the studs is optional. (I went for them as I absolutely love how they look!) The waiting time is up to two weeks but I don't mind as I'm not planning on wearing it until the summer.

T-Shirts are also available for just £13 and you can also pick and choose the colors.. 
I just think the idea is absolutely fab, the prices are super reasonable and the finished product is beautiful!
I can't wait to sport my turquoise and lilac sweater on a breezy summers night and will be happy to tell everyone about the great price I got it for!

If you want to purchase something for yourself check out the blog here!
Be sure to check out and like the Facebook page here!

What do you ladies think of these stunning pieces?


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Martin Schoeller: Photographer...

I don't think I've posted about a photographer yet and what better way to start than with Martin Schoeller!
You've probably all heard of him and seen his fabulous work, if not, sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed!
Martin is a New York based photographer who has been working with the New Yorker for a decade.
He most famous for his up close and personal Portraits which stand out due to their'strong visual Impact'..
He works closely with A-list celebrity and his great sense of humor is evident in most of his work.
After stumbling upon some of his photo's I had to share so here are some of my favorites...

Martin is represented by Vaughan Hannigan so you can check out more of his work here!
What do you ladies think of this photographer and which photo is your favorite?


Tune Tuesday... The Police and Air!

So technically it's Wednesday now as it's after midnight but I was so busy yesterday with a charity event me and my family organised for the hospice  that took care of my grandad before he passed away.. It was such a successful night and I'll be blogging about it soon! I didn't want to waste Tune Tuesday as I really enjoy doing these posts so here are the two tunes I've had on repeat all this week...

The Police - Message in a Bottle

I've always liked The Police but lately I've been getting a little obsessed and I can't stop listening to this song!!
I get some Reggae vibes off it which I love and my parents have admitted to loving The Police too so I can play them in the car and spare myself listening to their Italian folk music!! This was the bands first number 1 hit in the UK and they themselves admitted that it's their favorite song!

Air - Seven Stars ft Victoria Legrand

I'm also loving Air lately and they're what I like to call my new 'bath-time band'.. When I'm feeling stressed I like to take a trip to Lush and indulge in some bath bombs, then chill in the bath for a while and listen to chillaxing music like Air. (Lykke Li is also popular during my baths!) They're music just puts me at ease and if you don't know them I highly recommend getting some of their stuff!

What do you ladies think of this weeks tunes?
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Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Perfect Sunglasses to Hide your Hungover Face!

I like to buy myself a nice pair of sunglasses every summer, last years choice were some Rayban Aviators..
I have a weirdly shaped face and find it hard to find the right pair but Aviators are my no.1 as they cover your whole face and you can go out with no makeup on and still look somewhat human! lol
On the down side, when you think some hot guy is checking you out, he's actually just admiring his own reflection in your specs! 

I've decided that this summer rather than splurging on the one pair, I might pick up a few online or in high street stores.. and boy have I came across some cool pairs! As much as I love Raybans, Every second person I came across on holidays had a pair, and I'd rather be unique and have some super interesting ones.. 
So I had a browse online and found some amazing picks!

What better place than Etsy to find some amazing vintage sunny's!
I'm absolutely loving these brown and Gold Clubmasters that cost only $9.98!

Oh so Gaga, these glamorous sunny's are absolutely stunning and I could see myself getting great wear out of them as the 'cat eye' look suits most faces! They're also from a seller on Etsy.

While many would use these babies as part of a fancy dress costume, I'd definitely wear them in public! I can just picture them with a high wasted pin-up girlesque bikini on a sunny day at the beach! And at just £1.50 on Amazon I'd better get buying quick!

Also from a seller on Amazon I'm absolutely in LOVE with these Baroq vintage sunglasses, I actually came across them on another blog but I've forgotten which one, so I'm sorry for not giving you a mention if you're reading this! These babies also come in black, brown, grey and brown leopard print and cost just £14.99..

My local Topshop doesn't have a great range of sunglasses, but I've found the website really useful! Again, cat eye sunglasses look great on everyone so if you're a brave and fashionable lady these are perfect for you! They cost £18.99 and I'm loving them in this plum color, check them out here!

These stunning brown leopard print sunny's are also stunning and like my raybans, would come in handy for those hangover, no make-up days as they cover half of your face! lol, They're available in River Island for £13.

These sweet, starry sunny's are adorable and would suit all of the girly girls out there! Stars never seem to go out of fashion! These are from ASOS and cost E13.33.

And lastly these lovely floral shades from, They're almost identical to a pair of Dolce & Gabbanna ones I spotted in the airport with a much more pocket friendly price tag of E12!
Love them!

Have you ladies been eyeing up any particular sunglasses lately?
what do you think of the ones above?

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Friday, 20 April 2012

The Man Who Jumped Into A River to Save His Rabbit...

I don't know about you but from what I've seen, the Recession is taking it's toll on everyone in Ireland..
The cute old lady on the bus doesn't smile at me anymore, instead she looks like she wants to hit me over the head with her handbag and steal my purse seeing as her pensions probably been cut... Burglaries are at an all time high and the big bad bankers have run away with all of our mula.The Irish people just don't seem as jolly as they used to be, can you blame us though? Our government are a pack of w*nkers and we're all feeling the financial strain.. 
So when I hear stories about good people doing good things despite the fact that we're all screwed... I can't help but smile..
Some time last Summer a homeless man called John Patrick Byrne jumped into the freezing cold, contaminated River Liffey  in Dublins city center to save his pet rabbit.
I've often seen the man begging on Grafton street with his rabbit tucked under one arm and his dog under the other. He has nothing, no home, no money, no clothes, his pets are his family and clearly they mean everything to him! 

So after a walker by (who was later arrested) decided to take his Rabbit and throw it off O'Connell bridge into the river, it doesn't shock me that he jumped in straight after to rescue it.. Witnesses say it was a close call and the rabbit would have drowned if he was left another second. 

In the Video below you can see man standing on a ledge cradling and cuddling his rabbit.. He also got a little angry when the rescuers in the Dinghy tried to bring him to the hospital, as his dog was still on the bridge alone. 
A crowd of over two hundred people stood and watched the scene later applauding and cheering the man for his courage.
After the incident John was given an award by the Animal Rights Action Network and was even offered a job on an animal farm in Tipperary! 
It's stories like this that make the sun shine on a rainy day and if more people in the world were like John, it would certainly be a better place! I haven't heard any updates on where he is now but I wish him all the best!
Here's some video's from the day...

I've had to take the pictures from Google Images as I had none of my own, I don't own them or the video's, If you do and want me to take them down feel free to email me..

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sloppy Drunk Girl Syndrome...

Before I begin I'd like to say that I live in Ireland where it's legal to drink at eighteen, so I'm not breaking any laws here.. and that I'm in no way trying to influence anyone to drink.. this post is supposed to be helpful and is aimed at people who are of legal age..

We've all seen it, and let's face it, it's one of the most unpleasant and annoying things in the world... the common condition of Sloppydrunkgirl syndrome...
They scream, they fall, they spill drink on those fantastic new shoes you just purchased, they throw themselves at people of any sex and they fail to make sense when trying to converse with you in the ladies room... We've seen it, we've all been agrivated by it, and the majority of us will have actually experienced the condition at least once in our lives...
I say this because I, *Fist to mouth* have been this girl on a few occasions... and so have most girls I know. Hey you can't party without suffering the concequences every now and then...

The most recent inicident being last Friday when I smartly decided to wear my Jeffrey Campbells on a pub crawl... Now I'm the kinda gal that walks better in my skyscrapers, I mean heels, when I'm drunk than when I'm sober... But after the eighth pub I could hardly put one foot in front of the other, and whilst  trying gracefully to walk down the stairs to use the ladies room, I toppled down the whole flight, landed on my face and ended up flopping around like an intoxicated seal trying to get back up.. which brings me to my first tip...

1. When you know your going to get into a messy state, leave your stilts at home...I was going on a Pub Crawl.. what the heck made me wear Jeffrey Campbells? I know for a fact that if I had of worn my converse I would not be sitting on my couch right now with a bag of frozen pea's held on my bruised ribs! lol.. It's true though, my mother took an absolute FREAKER at me and told me I COULD HAVE FECKING KILLED MYSELF! I COULD HAVE BROKEN MY NECK AND DIED, I'M LUCKY TO BE ALIVE! Yes she's a little dramatic with her use of words but heck, it's kind of true, I mean I tumbled down the stairs... So ladies when you know it's going to be a crazy night, wear you flats, bring your flats in your handbag or at least wear your oldest heels so that you don't destroy your new ones!!!

2. EAT DAMMIT! I feel like a complete hypocrite saying this as I'll be the first one to shout 'EATING IS CHEATING' at the fatty that's shoving snacks down their gob at the party... It's true though. I find it really hard, and expensive, to get drunk after eating but hell going out with an empty stomach is a bad idea! You need some solids  to absorb the alcohol or you my dear, may end up with your head in the toilet bowl halfway through the night. So I make sure to have a HUGE dinner an hour before I start drinking or am heading out.. It gives you quality time to do some digesting yet you'll still have something in there to prevent you from getting sloppy.. Another great idea is to have food to pick at while your drinking and I've often whipped out the chicken tenders during pre-drinking sessions.

3. Bring out less... Since my first pay check I noticed myself getting a little more messy than usual on nights out.. then I figured it out.. Because I had a steady wage coming in I was bringing more money out on nights out, and hell what they say is true.. you'll spend what you have. If I go out with 20 blips I'll spend it, if I go out with 50 blips I'll spend it, if I go out with 1000 000 euro, Yes you guessed it, I'll spend it! Let's face it when you know theres some notes sitting in the pocket of your purse, why not have another drink? I used to think it wise to bring out extra money, or my visa, in case of 'emergencies'.. and do you know what I spend it on? MORE DRINK! So If you don't want to look like Father Jack by the end of the night.. limit the amount of money you bring. Another handy tip is to put your taxi money somewhere safe to assure that you won't spend it... Give it to a very very very trustworthy friend, or pop in the auld Brazierre.. (I'm classy like that!)

4. Slow it down... It's not a race! Enjoy your drink, be sociable and don't spend the night glued to the bar chugging back jager-bombs! This is coming from me who is a huge fan of the shots, but do it in moderation.. I recently noticed that I drink way too fast... My friends will be on their second sip and my glass will be empty.. I don't do this on purpose.. It just... happens.. So I've recently began boycotting straws! Funny but true, drinks just go down so much faster when being sucked through a piece of plastic than being sipped.

5. Take a break! Have a Kit Kat! Not literally, but it's ok to stop and order yourself a 'Coke and Captain Morgan, hold the captain morgan..' or a nice big pint of water. I've heard of experts saying you should drink a pint of water between every drink..In my case that's not likely to happen, but hey there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a break and ordering a non alcoholic beverage for a change!

6. Don't succumb to peer pressure.. We're all big girls here and this point is quite obvious, but true, who cares if your friends call you a dry shite? I'd rather hold their hair back than have them holding mine! Plus.. If your friends are the type that would pressure you into drinking more than you want to, you need to find some new drinking buddy's!

7. When in doubt puke it out! If your feeling nauceues or have the spinnies, don't be afraid to go to the ladies and hurl it up.. I know it sounds completely disgusting but hey? I'd rather do it in a toilet than on some  sex bomb I'm trying to chat up! Sometimes getting it out of your system can make you feel a whole lot better.

8. Don't be afraid to call it a night. If you feel that your too drunk and are losing control of yourself, get yourself home. If your friends are true friends, they'll help you go about it, and if they aren't there's always the parents. I ended up getting really drunk on a night out before.. It was quite early and I knew I was in no condition to carry on. I was at a house party and ended up outside rolling around in my own vomit, (excuse the gory details) I really didn't want to ruin the night for my friends and couldn't find a taxi anywhere, so I turned into the five year old girl thats hidden inside me, rang my folks and told them that I'd gotten too drunk and couldn't get home. To my surprise they showed up in minutes, cuddled me the whole way home and got me to bed. They obviously weren't impressed by how drunk I'd gotten, and I was lectured for weeks after, but they were happy that I'd trusted them enough to call them in a time of need, and that I didn't stay out and get myself into trouble. I know not everyone has parents as cool as mine but it's worth a try.. they can only stay pissed off at you for a time before they forget about the whole thing.

These are just some tips that I've learned in my days, have you ladies got any great tips to share? And for a more interesting question.. Have you ever been the Sloppy drunk girl on a night out? I'd love to hear some of your stories!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tune Tuesday.. Placebo and some killer Bass!

How is it already tune Tuesday? 
How time flies when you're unemployed and have nothing to do with your life! lol..
So you've probably guessed from last week that the tunes I post aren't always new, in fact they're usually oldies that I've had for years or recently came across...
Here's the two top tunes that I've been blasting this week...

Placebo - I Know

I've been a huge fan of Placebo ever since some of their songs were featured in Cruel Intentions.. 
The other day I decided to find some material that I don't already have and came across this beauty of a song! 
Brian Molko's voice is so chilling and disturbed that it gives every one of their songs the ability to send shivers down my spine, Especially in this particular song...
And I just love some of the lyrics such as 'I know, you love the song but not the singer..' and 'You love the sin but not the sinner...' 
Serious eargasm...

Julio Bashmore - Battle For The Middle You

Have no idea what it's about but the bass is incredible! A friend of mine (who I've tried to convince to become a dj as she always finds amazing songs!) played this at a party and we couldn't get enough of it! 
It's not everyone's cup of tea but I could certainly bop to this one!

So that's the top two tunes this week, are you ladies fans? 
Have you been listening to any great tunes this week?
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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Après Easter Giveaway!

Well it's that sad time for us fatties, Chocolate day is over! :(
I was hoping to do an Easter Giveaway but couldn't come up with the money for prizes on time.. hence why this is the Après Easter Giveaway..
I've noticed a big drop in my blog in the last few weeks, I love feedback and lately I've barely been getting any so I really think it's time to give it a little boost.
So over the weeks I've been picking up bits and bobs...

So these are a few bits that I've been loving lately! I'll go into more detail...

Percy Pigs from M&S, the sexiest jellies ever to be invented.. If you don't love them you have a screw missing up there! lol

Two of my favorite bath treats from Lush, The Cinders Bath Bomb and the Superstar bubble bar...

Hairspray False Lashes, They're a great price and always look glamorous on a night out, the only con is that they don't come with adhesive but I'm sure you all have plenty of that!

I spotted this beauty in Hairspray too, it's a clip in feather hair extension and I'm sure I'll regret giving it away and not keeping it for myself! lol

I reviewed Lush toothy tabs a little while ago, for more information on them click here!

The giveaway starts now and will end on the 12th of May so you have a month to enter and spread the word! Seeing as the majority of my followers aren't European this giveaway is international.

To Enter:
-Comment on this post and tell me which item in this giveaway you like most and why, Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact the winner... (1 Entry)

Extra Entries:
- Follow my Blog on Twitter (@Crazymooblogger!) (+2 Entries)
-Tweet about my Giveaway! (+2 Entries)
-Follow my Blog on Facebook here and leave a comment letting me know you've entered... (+2 Entries)

I Hate doing extra entries but hell, I need it! 
So best of luck ladies!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nobody put baby in a belly-top...

As you all probably know from my Pageant Princesses or Pedophile Prey? post a few months ago, 
there is nothing that disgusts me more than the sexualisation of young children!
So I was happy to see that the headline of todays Herald is: Ban on 'sexy' clothes for girls.
The article explains that crop tops, high heels and T-shirts with indecent slogans will be removed from selected popular high street stores for children under the age of ten and I couldn't agree more..
I mean, the day I pop out a little girl, which won't be any time soon, I'll want to dress her funky, but never in a top that says 'future wag' or 'sexy!' and never in anything that seems the least bit revealing!
The popular parenting website mumsnet have started a really interesting campaign called Let Girls Be Girls and I highly recommend checking it out if this Issue bothers you!

I don't want to babble on about this as it's been done a million times...
I'd just really love to know how you ladies feel about this Issue?
Do you think this ban is completely right or are they taking it a step too far?
I'll leave you with some pictures (which are beautiful but are absolutely disturbing!) that were published in French Vogue a while back and to me are a prime example of sexualising little girls.. Let me know what you think!

Little girls caked in make-up wearing over-sized adult clothing and high heels... Kind of shouts Pedophile prey to me!


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