Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Après Easter Giveaway!

Well it's that sad time for us fatties, Chocolate day is over! :(
I was hoping to do an Easter Giveaway but couldn't come up with the money for prizes on time.. hence why this is the Après Easter Giveaway..
I've noticed a big drop in my blog in the last few weeks, I love feedback and lately I've barely been getting any so I really think it's time to give it a little boost.
So over the weeks I've been picking up bits and bobs...

So these are a few bits that I've been loving lately! I'll go into more detail...

Percy Pigs from M&S, the sexiest jellies ever to be invented.. If you don't love them you have a screw missing up there! lol

Two of my favorite bath treats from Lush, The Cinders Bath Bomb and the Superstar bubble bar...

Hairspray False Lashes, They're a great price and always look glamorous on a night out, the only con is that they don't come with adhesive but I'm sure you all have plenty of that!

I spotted this beauty in Hairspray too, it's a clip in feather hair extension and I'm sure I'll regret giving it away and not keeping it for myself! lol

I reviewed Lush toothy tabs a little while ago, for more information on them click here!

The giveaway starts now and will end on the 12th of May so you have a month to enter and spread the word! Seeing as the majority of my followers aren't European this giveaway is international.

To Enter:
-Comment on this post and tell me which item in this giveaway you like most and why, Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact the winner... (1 Entry)

Extra Entries:
- Follow my Blog on Twitter (@Crazymooblogger!) (+2 Entries)
-Tweet about my Giveaway! (+2 Entries)
-Follow my Blog on Facebook here and leave a comment letting me know you've entered... (+2 Entries)

I Hate doing extra entries but hell, I need it! 
So best of luck ladies!


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