Sunday, 29 April 2012

Head chains...

I have always adored Bollywood style head chains!
In the past the only time I seen them worn were with wedding dresses but lucky for me they seem to be the number one festival accessory this summer and I've seen several people sporting them on nights out!
They, like most items I blog about, are for the brave.. If you had of asked me to leave the house with one on my head back in the day when I was boring I would have refused.. but today the idea excites me!
So I trotted my little booty into Topshop and picked one up for myself..
I love the pointed shape at the top and think it would compliment anyone's face! Unfortunately an opportunity has not yet arisen for me to wear it as I've been very broke and very boring lately, but I promise to show you ladies a photo as soon as I do! It's £8.50 but unfortunately thanks to the RIP OFF (don't get me started!) currency conversions I spent at least fifteen euro on it, (I can't remember the exact amount!)
Here are some other head chains I've been loving...

This one, also from Topshop is identical to the one Kim Kardashian was photographed wearing and I love it! It can be worn any way you want weather it's with a ponytail, bun or with your hair down. This ones a little more expensive than the last at £10.00.

I'm not sure if any of you remember but I mentioned this head chain in a Halloween costume idea post I done back in October.. At the time I thought it was ideal for a greek goddess costume, but today I'd love nothing more than to wear it on a night out! How times change! It costs $26 on Ebay...

As you all know I'm quite the feather fanatic so I'm absolutely raging that I didn't spot this beauty in River Island before buying my head chain. It costs £10 and I'm loving it!

If you're more of a flower hippy I'm also in love with this head piece from Dolly Bow Bow.. 
Flower headbands were out last year but I didn't see much of them, hopefully they'll be everywhere this summer!

Another great one is this ear cuff/head chain, two trends in one! At the moment the bidding is at 99c so if your an Ebay user and like this I'd head on over there!

What do you ladies think of hair chains? Do you think they're in it for the long run or are they gonna be another summer fling?


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