Friday, 20 April 2012

The Man Who Jumped Into A River to Save His Rabbit...

I don't know about you but from what I've seen, the Recession is taking it's toll on everyone in Ireland..
The cute old lady on the bus doesn't smile at me anymore, instead she looks like she wants to hit me over the head with her handbag and steal my purse seeing as her pensions probably been cut... Burglaries are at an all time high and the big bad bankers have run away with all of our mula.The Irish people just don't seem as jolly as they used to be, can you blame us though? Our government are a pack of w*nkers and we're all feeling the financial strain.. 
So when I hear stories about good people doing good things despite the fact that we're all screwed... I can't help but smile..
Some time last Summer a homeless man called John Patrick Byrne jumped into the freezing cold, contaminated River Liffey  in Dublins city center to save his pet rabbit.
I've often seen the man begging on Grafton street with his rabbit tucked under one arm and his dog under the other. He has nothing, no home, no money, no clothes, his pets are his family and clearly they mean everything to him! 

So after a walker by (who was later arrested) decided to take his Rabbit and throw it off O'Connell bridge into the river, it doesn't shock me that he jumped in straight after to rescue it.. Witnesses say it was a close call and the rabbit would have drowned if he was left another second. 

In the Video below you can see man standing on a ledge cradling and cuddling his rabbit.. He also got a little angry when the rescuers in the Dinghy tried to bring him to the hospital, as his dog was still on the bridge alone. 
A crowd of over two hundred people stood and watched the scene later applauding and cheering the man for his courage.
After the incident John was given an award by the Animal Rights Action Network and was even offered a job on an animal farm in Tipperary! 
It's stories like this that make the sun shine on a rainy day and if more people in the world were like John, it would certainly be a better place! I haven't heard any updates on where he is now but I wish him all the best!
Here's some video's from the day...

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