Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nobody put baby in a belly-top...

As you all probably know from my Pageant Princesses or Pedophile Prey? post a few months ago, 
there is nothing that disgusts me more than the sexualisation of young children!
So I was happy to see that the headline of todays Herald is: Ban on 'sexy' clothes for girls.
The article explains that crop tops, high heels and T-shirts with indecent slogans will be removed from selected popular high street stores for children under the age of ten and I couldn't agree more..
I mean, the day I pop out a little girl, which won't be any time soon, I'll want to dress her funky, but never in a top that says 'future wag' or 'sexy!' and never in anything that seems the least bit revealing!
The popular parenting website mumsnet have started a really interesting campaign called Let Girls Be Girls and I highly recommend checking it out if this Issue bothers you!

I don't want to babble on about this as it's been done a million times...
I'd just really love to know how you ladies feel about this Issue?
Do you think this ban is completely right or are they taking it a step too far?
I'll leave you with some pictures (which are beautiful but are absolutely disturbing!) that were published in French Vogue a while back and to me are a prime example of sexualising little girls.. Let me know what you think!

Little girls caked in make-up wearing over-sized adult clothing and high heels... Kind of shouts Pedophile prey to me!


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