Saturday, 28 April 2012

Owl & Dagger Clothing...

Over the last year I've been loving anything brightly colored, ripped, studded or tie dyed, which is why I was delighted to come across Owl & Dagger clothing on Facebook.
As you all know I am quite addicted to online browsing and buying, especially from unusual places like Etsy and interesting little Blog stores. I love supporting new businesses and spreading the word about hidden gems online... So I just had to show you this!
I've been looking for new pieces for my summer wardrobe (Gotta start early when your under my financial circumstances).. and was delighted to stumble upon Owl & Dagger run by the lovely Lucy.
The store sells funky T-shirts and jumpers which are tie dyed and/or studded. 

 Tie dye really never goes out of fashion and I've seen it pop up several times over the last few years, especially now that summer is coming and it's back all over high street stores.

From the second I laid eyes on this jumper I knew I had to have it! Studs and tie dye all in one... It was my lucky day! And for the price of £25 I just couldn't resist! 
There's a huge color chart to choose from so you can pick and mix your colors, and having the studs is optional. (I went for them as I absolutely love how they look!) The waiting time is up to two weeks but I don't mind as I'm not planning on wearing it until the summer.

T-Shirts are also available for just £13 and you can also pick and choose the colors.. 
I just think the idea is absolutely fab, the prices are super reasonable and the finished product is beautiful!
I can't wait to sport my turquoise and lilac sweater on a breezy summers night and will be happy to tell everyone about the great price I got it for!

If you want to purchase something for yourself check out the blog here!
Be sure to check out and like the Facebook page here!

What do you ladies think of these stunning pieces?


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