Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Perfect Sunglasses to Hide your Hungover Face!

I like to buy myself a nice pair of sunglasses every summer, last years choice were some Rayban Aviators..
I have a weirdly shaped face and find it hard to find the right pair but Aviators are my no.1 as they cover your whole face and you can go out with no makeup on and still look somewhat human! lol
On the down side, when you think some hot guy is checking you out, he's actually just admiring his own reflection in your specs! 

I've decided that this summer rather than splurging on the one pair, I might pick up a few online or in high street stores.. and boy have I came across some cool pairs! As much as I love Raybans, Every second person I came across on holidays had a pair, and I'd rather be unique and have some super interesting ones.. 
So I had a browse online and found some amazing picks!

What better place than Etsy to find some amazing vintage sunny's!
I'm absolutely loving these brown and Gold Clubmasters that cost only $9.98!

Oh so Gaga, these glamorous sunny's are absolutely stunning and I could see myself getting great wear out of them as the 'cat eye' look suits most faces! They're also from a seller on Etsy.

While many would use these babies as part of a fancy dress costume, I'd definitely wear them in public! I can just picture them with a high wasted pin-up girlesque bikini on a sunny day at the beach! And at just £1.50 on Amazon I'd better get buying quick!

Also from a seller on Amazon I'm absolutely in LOVE with these Baroq vintage sunglasses, I actually came across them on another blog but I've forgotten which one, so I'm sorry for not giving you a mention if you're reading this! These babies also come in black, brown, grey and brown leopard print and cost just £14.99..

My local Topshop doesn't have a great range of sunglasses, but I've found the website really useful! Again, cat eye sunglasses look great on everyone so if you're a brave and fashionable lady these are perfect for you! They cost £18.99 and I'm loving them in this plum color, check them out here!

These stunning brown leopard print sunny's are also stunning and like my raybans, would come in handy for those hangover, no make-up days as they cover half of your face! lol, They're available in River Island for £13.

These sweet, starry sunny's are adorable and would suit all of the girly girls out there! Stars never seem to go out of fashion! These are from ASOS and cost E13.33.

And lastly these lovely floral shades from, They're almost identical to a pair of Dolce & Gabbanna ones I spotted in the airport with a much more pocket friendly price tag of E12!
Love them!

Have you ladies been eyeing up any particular sunglasses lately?
what do you think of the ones above?

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