Friday, 6 April 2012

Too good to eat! Betsy's bakery!...

Starting a business during a recession seems an unwise thing to do, 
but  Angela Aprile proved a lot of people wrong when she started up Betsy's Bakery...
Located in the heart of Clondalkin Village the bakery is truly a treasure chest catering for fatty's like me who love to indulge in all things sweet, Selling cakes, cupcakes and seasonal treats for all kinds of events. 
Her cakes can be classy, fun and even rude (For all the jokers out there) and each of them showcases Betsy's talents and artistic abilities.
So just to make you ladies drool, here are some of her quirky cakes!

(This one was my 18th Birthday cake! Epic or what?)

To see more of her fabulous cakes check out her Facebook page here!


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