Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tune Tuesday.. Placebo and some killer Bass!

How is it already tune Tuesday? 
How time flies when you're unemployed and have nothing to do with your life! lol..
So you've probably guessed from last week that the tunes I post aren't always new, in fact they're usually oldies that I've had for years or recently came across...
Here's the two top tunes that I've been blasting this week...

Placebo - I Know

I've been a huge fan of Placebo ever since some of their songs were featured in Cruel Intentions.. 
The other day I decided to find some material that I don't already have and came across this beauty of a song! 
Brian Molko's voice is so chilling and disturbed that it gives every one of their songs the ability to send shivers down my spine, Especially in this particular song...
And I just love some of the lyrics such as 'I know, you love the song but not the singer..' and 'You love the sin but not the sinner...' 
Serious eargasm...

Julio Bashmore - Battle For The Middle You

Have no idea what it's about but the bass is incredible! A friend of mine (who I've tried to convince to become a dj as she always finds amazing songs!) played this at a party and we couldn't get enough of it! 
It's not everyone's cup of tea but I could certainly bop to this one!

So that's the top two tunes this week, are you ladies fans? 
Have you been listening to any great tunes this week?
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