Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tune Tuesday... The Police and Air!

So technically it's Wednesday now as it's after midnight but I was so busy yesterday with a charity event me and my family organised for the hospice  that took care of my grandad before he passed away.. It was such a successful night and I'll be blogging about it soon! I didn't want to waste Tune Tuesday as I really enjoy doing these posts so here are the two tunes I've had on repeat all this week...

The Police - Message in a Bottle

I've always liked The Police but lately I've been getting a little obsessed and I can't stop listening to this song!!
I get some Reggae vibes off it which I love and my parents have admitted to loving The Police too so I can play them in the car and spare myself listening to their Italian folk music!! This was the bands first number 1 hit in the UK and they themselves admitted that it's their favorite song!

Air - Seven Stars ft Victoria Legrand

I'm also loving Air lately and they're what I like to call my new 'bath-time band'.. When I'm feeling stressed I like to take a trip to Lush and indulge in some bath bombs, then chill in the bath for a while and listen to chillaxing music like Air. (Lykke Li is also popular during my baths!) They're music just puts me at ease and if you don't know them I highly recommend getting some of their stuff!

What do you ladies think of this weeks tunes?
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