Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tune Tuesday!

I haven't been getting a lot of Music into my blog lately so I thought I'd create... *drumroll please* Two Tune Tuesday.. a new Genius (if I may say so myself) idea where I basically post two tunes every Tuesday.. durr!
Tunes that I've recently been listening to, new tunes I've come across or just those good auld tunes that everyone should have! If you, like me, are constantly searching for new music then you'll like this!
I also listen to a really broad range of music from metal to rap to Dubstep to reggae... (this could go on all day!) you get me? 
So here are today's Tunes...

Kanye West - Blame Game

I'm not the biggest fan of Kanye West but I came across this song, in which he collaborates with John Legend and Pusha T, and haven't stopped listening to it since. It's on the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The song seems to be about some sort of breakup or domestic dispute and I just love the anger and raw emotions in it! There's also a little monologue by comedian and actor Chris Rock at the end which I don't really get, but it keeps a welcome place at the end of the song now that I know the filthy words off by heart! lol I'm not sure if this will make sense to any of you but this is one of those songs that hops from earphone to earphone so that it sounds like Kanye is singing in your ear and gives you chills down your back! Love when that happens!!!

Supermen Lovers - Starlight

 This is one of those songs that played throughout my childhood and I still remember giggling with my sister as we watched the video on MTV back when we were tiny tots! Unfortunately I could never remember the name of it and almost forgot the song existed until it was played at a party I was at a couple of weeks ago! I almost pee'd myself with excitement as I jumped out of my seat screaming 'Whats the name of this song?!?' So now this little childhood gem is back in my life! yay! 

What do you ladies think of these tunes? Have you got any good songs to share?
Feel free to comment :)


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