Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tune Tuesday the After Life Edition...

So I was off at Life festival over the weekend and although sleeping in a tent, not showering and using smelly toilets didn't appeal to me.. I still managed to have one of the best weekends of my life!
Life is a small festival, there were less than 5000 people there and with so many friends around I didn't have to worry about belongings being stolen or getting crushed in a crowd!
Somehow we got super duper lucky and it was sunny the whole weekend (in Ireland, yes!) so I've arrived home with a slightly reddish tan :) Here are some photo's of the amazing time I had and a few tunes!
 My friend Katie and I.. I got the Sunglasses in Penneys for three euro! I didn't want to bring expensive ones and end up losing them but I still have these babies and I'm planning on getting a lot of wear out of them this summer!

 We spent hours in front of the lake some days and watched the sun set! 
Imagine being at a rave, looking up and seeing this! 

The Barley Mob - Stand Up Rise Up
The Barley mob are an Irish Reggae band and I enjoyed their music so so much. We lay on the grass at the main stage and flaked while listening to them! They're music is so positive and upbeat... I never thought a Dublin accent could sound so amazing in a Reggae song!

Engin-earz Experiment - Kaliyuga
If you're as crazy about Dubstep as I am you'll love these guys! It's Dubstep with an Indian touch and I love love love it!

Emalkay - Fabrication
Lastly some more Dubstep, Emalkay was absolutely unreal! I didn't stop dancing for the whole hour he played.. (Not even for a smoke! Wth?) His music is so energetic and full of killer drops!

Hope you ladies had a fabulous weekend :)


Friday, 25 May 2012

Festival Finds!...

Well festival season is here and it's certainly showing in all of the high street shops!
I'm heading to my first one tomorrow so I was feeling inspired to post about some cool items to bring along!
While camping for three days without showers, hair utensils and a warm cosy bed doesn't really appeal to me I'm sure the great music and buzz will make it worth it!
A festival is like going to a world where anything goes, and if you've purchased an item and haven't yet got the guts to wear, it a festival is the perfect opportunity! Nobodies going to laugh at you for wearing a onesie, nobody will sneer at your head chain and people will envy that glorious straw hat your wearing!
Here are a few items that I've been loving...

Who on the face of this earth would not want to wear one of these, paint lines on their faces and run around whooping! And what better place to do it than at a music festival? I, unfortunately, left it too late and couldn't get one anywhere! This one is from H&M and I only came across it now! :(

and of course the wellies! Nowadays where can't you get them? I had a little bit of a struggle finding a nice pair because let's face  it, they're not the most flattering shoes in the world! However my mam came home with a lovely cheetah skin pair from Tesco's today! Who knew Tesco sold wellies? The pair above are from Wellies.ie who have some lovely designs! 

And of course with wellies come socks! Those crazy socks in your drawer that you got for Christmas last year and have never had the guts to wear in public can now be put to use! They'll keep your feet warm and the crazier the design, the better! The ones above are from Topshop.

I'm bringing a huge gym bag with me as I've packed everything but the kitchen sink, but if you're more of a light packer this super cute, summery backpack is from Asos.

Dressing up seems to be the in thing to do at many festivals and I've come across so many pictures of people in onesies! I personally wanted to buy a red one and dress up as a strawberry (with my strawberry hat from river Island).. of course it's summer so onesies aren't so easy to find.. There is a brilliant website however where the oensie above came from called jumpinjammerz.com...

I know we have a great weather forecast for the weekend but come on... this is Ireland so I'm planning on wearing tights the whole three days rather than going bare legged and risking freezing my arse off! These super funky tie dye tights are from Topshop.

A big bag is one thing, but it's handy to have a small bag, preferably one that can be worn across your chest, to keep your phone, money and ID in. You can keep this on you at all times to keep your stuff safe and if you're planning on getting very drunk wear it across the shoulder so you won't lose it! This funky fringe bag is from River Island.

My last iphone was stolen in a nightclub and my mother has now threatened to cut off several of my limbs if I lose my current one. When it comes to expensive phones your better safe than sorry! I still haven't even decided if I'll bring mine or not.. I have insurance.. but still! I came across several of these around the neck phone cases in H&M, they come in all different designs and are really pretty! I'm so regretting not getting one right now...

Urban Outfitters always have quirky little accessories for festivals like these covers for your shoes to keep them clean and prevent them from getting ruined!

Of course I couldn't leave glow sticks out of this post. For some reason, when people are intoxicated, glow sticks become the higher power! I've actually witnessed people fighting over them at gigs! Sure why not... they.... glow in the dark? You can get this pack of 12 in Urban outfitters..

If I had it my way my laptop would be coming with me to the festival along with my king sized bed complete with mosquito net, but of course that's not happening so I shan't be blogging for the next three days!

Are any of you heading to a music festival this summer? Have you picked up any cool bits 'n' bobs for it?
Oh and just to be safe, take a look at my Sloppy drunk girl syndrome post for some tips on how not to be the sloppy drunk girl! 


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Is This It? The Funeral..

That title sounds a little dramatic but fear not my lovely ladies, it's tune Tuesday and these are the two songs that have been stuck in my head and on repeat all week!

Band of Horses - The Funeral
I came across this song in a really touching video on youtube for Pro Infirmis... If you haven't seen it I suggest you watch it here... 

The Strokes - Is This It
Gotta love em... this is my favorite of their songs... the start of it reminds me of 'where is my mind' by the Pixies, which I dedicated a whole post to last week! 

What have you ladies been listening to this week?


Sunday, 20 May 2012

All aboard my time machine!

I picked up a new jacket from the vintage section in Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, and seeing as I'm having a case of 'bloggers block' at the moment, I thought I'd show you ladies!

(I'm extremely un-photogenic as you can probably tell from the pics above!) .. 
If there's one thing that pisses me off it's being cold, (unfortunately I live in Ireland so I remain pissed off on a regular basis!) lol.. This baby is a change from the usual blazers I wear.. It's huge!
I got it in a size large, can you tell?, as I love the way it looks so baggy... I just love the fact that it looks like I've stolen it off some random bloke whom I met when I traveled back to the 80's in my time machine! I over think things... It's also handy as I can throw it on on a chilly summers night over shorts and a crop top, or I can pile a hoody or two under it and wear it during winter! 
It cost 80 euro which isn't the kind of money I'd usually splurge on one jacket, but as I said above I'll get so much wear out of it, and I fell absolutely in love with it in the shop and couldn't leave it behind!
I know it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but what do you ladies think? 
Have you purchased any jackets for summer?


Friday, 18 May 2012

When Sheep Dress Like Shepard's: Marina

This month I've taken a particular interest in the style of Marina, of 'Marina and the Diamonds..'
What better way to launch a new album than with a whole new look.
I love the fact that she looks like a real life doll, little heart on her face included!
Also for all you blonde bombshells out there, she might just be bringing roots back into fashion! You'll save a fortune on hair dye! lol I also loved her old style so I'll be sure to include some looks from then too.
Here are four of Marina's looks, and my summer-time take on them! 


How cute would this outfit be with a pair of red converse on a hot, sunny day? I didn't include the jacket because it's summer but I love the idea of the washed looking shorts with a cute striped crop top! 
Both top and shorts are from Topshop.


For this look I opted for a collared dress from Topshop.. (I've had my eye on it for weeks but it's a little too expensive so I'll have to cross my fingers and hope it pops up in a sale some time soon!) I went for this pink cardigan from ASOS.. I wouldn't be mad into wearing fur in the summer... then again, I live in Ireland so I could definitely pull it off with the cold weather!

This floor length green gown that Marina is wearing is stunning, so sleek and elegant!.. and what better way to feel like that this summer than with this lovely, light maxi dress from River Island... I've professed my love for all things maxi many times before in this blog, You just feel so feminine and fancy when you wear them!


This pink fairy/princess-like dress is from Ted Baker... It's not my cup of tea but I love it on Marina and I think it would be super cute for anyone that's a proper girly girl. If you have a wedding or other special occasion it would be perfect! Some nude peep toes would go great with it, the ones above are from Aldo..

What do you ladies think of Marina's new look? Which do you prefer, her old American sweetheart look or her new life sized doll look?


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

One Lovely Blog Award...

The lovely Kiwi has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award! :)
Check out her blog here!
I'm absolutely delighted as I haven't won a blog award in yonks! Hopefully it will get my blog noticed as it's been really quiet around here compared to what it was back a few months ago!

The rules for this award are to share seven random facts about yourself, and then pass it on to seven other lovely blogs...

7 Facts
1. I'm highly addicted to reading blogs! I follow way too many between Blogger and Bloglovin.. I just can't resist I keep coming across brilliant new ones!

2. I'm currently in an argument with myself over weather to get my Pug Neutered! Every time I look at him his little friend is staring up at me! It's gross but I can't bring myself to get rid of his manhood! Poor chap! :(

3. Me and my dad bond over Bob Marley.. the one thing we have in common is our love for him! I'm always slagging him and saying that he was a stoner in college... come on, if you listened to him in the seventies chances are you were fond of the ganja! lol He still, to this day will not admit it!

4. I watched 'One Born Every Minute' for the first time the other day.... and people say the human centipede is disturbing? Consider my tubes tied! 

5. Right now, I am sitting watching my pregnant cousin having long, painful contractions and don't know what else to do but make jokes and laugh... I'm just waiting for her to fling a shoe at my head! 

6. I hate when boys light my cigarettes... I know it's strange, It's just something I've had for years! I can light my own cigarette thank you... I have two hands and ten fingers... I can handle it! Only guys I really trust like cousins and good friends are allowed! 

7. My mam and dad are well too affectionate for my liking... They are constantly hugging, kissing and rubbing their noses together right in front of me. It makes me feel like vomiting... lol

And now for the seven lovely blogs I've chosen for the award... (as I said before I follow hundreds so this is SO hard, also some of the blogs I love already have the award so I thought I'd be fair and choose people who don't have it.)

2. Beth @ Birds Words
3. Lydia @ Fashion Flux
4. Larry @ What Larry Loves
5. Catarina @ What Cat Says

All seven blogs are brilliant and keep me nice and entertained! :)
Ps. If any of you are on Bloglovin leave me a link to your page if I don't already follow you, I find it so much easy to manage the gazillion blogs I follow on that.. Also follow me on Bloglovin, The click to follow button is at the bottom of my page...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Easy Cake Pops Recipe...

I've been seeing cake pops everywhere lately especially now that it's communion and confirmation season! 
So when me and my cousin took on the task of throwing a baby shower for my other cousin.. I was dying to get my hands on some! 
Cake pops are like lollipops, with cake in the middle, they're fun and easy to make as I soon discovered.
We had a limited budget so in the end I Youtube'd a recipe and found a great, easy peasy one! (I'll pop the link at the end of this post) 
The pops are great for parties and even girls nights in.
So here's how I went about making them, (well my version of them) picture by picture.. (Like a kids cook book, I find things much easier when there's pictures!) 

Ingredients (I made 30 but I'll give you the ingredients for 15)
You can make sponge cake yourself but because I had so much to do I took the lazy way out and got a packet of 12 ready made madeira buns.
Half a tub of Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting 
3 medium sized bars of cooking chocolate
Lollipop sticks
Anything you want to use for decoration.

The first step is to crumble up the buns/cake with your hands into a bowl, (use a blender if you want, I don't have one :( ) 

Add half the tub of chocolate frosting.

Mix it with a spoon at first, then dig in with your hands as if your making meatballs!

The mix should come together like a ball and almost feel like play dough.

Roll them into little balls, (a bit bigger than your average lollipop) I'm quite the blind baker so I just tried my best to make them even. If you have a small enough ice-cream scoop you can use that!

Melt a small amount of chocolate (4 or 5 squares should be enough) Dip the top of the lollipop sticks into the melted chocolate...

..and stick one in each ball. This helps the lollipop sticks to stay in the pops securely.

Ta Daaaaa!

Pop them in the fridge for around 2 hours so that they can set.

I put all of my decorations in small paper cups.. just to be prepared. I got these in A multi pack in Tesco's and If I remember correctly they cost around 3.90.

When the cakes are ready melt your remaining chocolate.

In the Youtube video is says to have styrofoam at the ready.. I had none so I used an old cardboard box and poked holes in it... twas a bit dodgy but It ended up working out in the end.

Dip the cake pops into your melted chocolate, let some of it drip off before decorating or things could get messy! Decorate as you wish... I was making them for a baby shower, my cousin is having a girl so of course I tried to make them as pink and girly as possible... 

I even managed some polka dot ones!

After decorating each pop place them in one of the holes in the box, it's better to let them dry standing like so, so that they won't have bits of chocolate missing.

I was delighted with the finishing result.. apart for the one that cracked.. :(
I'd practiced this method the week before and ended up making them way too big, I then ran out of melted chocolate and had to use it sparingly so you can imagine what a mess they were! This time they turned out so neat and pretty! Yay!

When you bite into them it looks and tastes like a really rich chocolate cake!
If your not so much of a chocolate person you can change up the ingredients and use different flavored frosting or cakes.

We ended up having quite a chaotic few days, the night before the shower my cousin started getting pre-labor contractions.. she had to come to my house as the hospital is nearer to me... We really thought it wasn't going to happen, I thought my poor cake pops weren't going to be eaten! 
In the end we threw it in my house so that if anything was to happen she'd be up the road from the hospital.. It was a lovely night and everyone really seemed to love the cake pops! RESULT!

Halfway through writing this post we had to rush her to hospital but it was just a false alarm... hopefully there'll be a new baby in the family in the next few days! :)

This is the video I got the whole recipe from. It's so clear and makes them really easy to create so check it out if my version didn't work for you.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Where Is My Mind?

So it's tune Tuesday, and this week I thought I'd change things up a bit and dedicate it to the song 'Where Is My Mind'..
The song is written and performed by The Pixies.. It's said that it was written about a scuba diving experience that Black Francis (front-man of the band) had. 
Funnily enough, although written about something that random, it happens to be one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world and has been covered by many artists. The other day I was having a listen to it and realized that I'm actually yet to hear a bad version of the song! Here are some great covers of it...

The Pixies
This here is the original by the Pixies, it's probably most famous for being on the soundtrack for the movie 'Fight Club'...

I've mentioned Placebo before on my blog as I absolutely love them and am obsessed with Brian Molko's enchanting voice which happens to suit this song perfectly!

M.I.A - 20 Dollars
M.I.A even managed to put her own little twist on the song by covering parts of it in her song 20 dollar which was part of her hit album 'Kana'

This ones more of a remix than a cover, I'm a huge fan of Bassnectar and was delighted when I found this beauty of a song! 

Yoav and Emily Browning
This is my most recent find and what inspired this post. This haunting, beautiful cover of the song was featured in the film 'Sucker Punch'.. Emily Browning (The actress in sucker punch, you may remember her from A Series Of Unfortunate Events too!) has such a stunning, mezmorising voice! Talk about multi-talented!

Do you know any other great covers of this song? 
I'd love to hear them!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny black high wasted lace bikini...

It's officially summer! Well, not in Ireland, but everywhere else it is!
Summer means summer shopping and summer shopping always involves hours of gazing at bikini's and wondering if you'll be brave enough to wear them! I'm hitting Ibiza for a week this year, then heading back to my lavly village in Italy for a month.. (I won't be coming home as I'll be moving straight over to Florence for fashion school from there)
When I spend my summers in Italy I head to the pool and beach at least three times a week so I usually go over with a bucket load of bikini's... 
I've realized over the years that I'm completely bikini boring! I like to smother myself in oil and tan a lot on holidays so I always opt for the plain bikini's... I want that to change this year though!
So I've browsed around and found some super sexy and unusual bikini's for holidays!
Hope you ladies like them...

I love all things leopard, and this baby is beautiful without crossing the tacky line! It wouldn't be a very good choice for someone with a big bust as it doesn't seem to have any support, but for those of us with mosquito bites it would look great! lol.. It's available in Topshop!

This pineapple paradise bikini is from Accessorize and shouts CUTE from every angle! Colorful, fruity and frilly, can it get any better? It also has under-wire so weather your little ladies are huge and need the support, or are non existent and need an illusion... they'd look great on anyone!

As I mentioned before, I'm big into my tanning so one pieces are a no no for me, but I just had to put this one up as it's absolutely beautiful! Anything crocheted does it for me and that detail is just to die for! It's by a designer called Lisa Maree and is available to buy on net-a-porter.com

I am, and forever will be a huge fan of anything high wasted! I just think high waste suits every figure weather your skinny or curvy... I literally had these in my hands in Urban Outfitters just the other day, but was unsure... As I said twice before now, I love to tan and I'd worry about the high waist line... but then again I could just fold them down when I'm sunbathing.... Ugh I can't make a decision! What do you ladies think? Should I indulge in this classy bikini?

River Island always bring in an amazing range of unusual bikini's for summer, and I love these jewel embellished ones.. Word of advice though... Last year I spend 40 euro on a pair and two weeks later they were in the sale for less than half the price! So if you're planning on buying leave it until right before your holiday so you don't get caught out like I did!

What better place than Etsy to find some interesting pieces? These stunning, pin up girlesque bikini's are from a seller called Meshalo.. When I look at them I see myself sitting on a lounge chair, cocktail in hand with some vintage sunny's, my fake bangs and a bright red lipstick... Let's be realistic though, When I'm at the beach I have oil all over me, my hair in a huge bun at the very top of my head and my face is red and free of make-up!

These are from another seller on Etsy called Oksana Weber... How amazing? Making your everyday beach experience into a game of dress up! The superman ones don't appeal to me as much but I'd certainly sport that batman one! Love them!

And if it's flowers you love this adorable, pixie-like bikini is from ASOS.. I'm not a huge fan of wearing white bikini's as I'm always scared they'll turn see-through in the water, so if your planning on purchasing these babies I highly recommend trying them out in the shower first! They'd look fab with a tan though!

Primark (Penneys for me) is where I buy most of my swimwear, they always have a lovely range of durable bikini's that are pleasantly generous in the padding department! lol Now for some reason Primark have a crappy website so I took this image from the summer campaign.

Lastly, these adorable striped bikini's from American Apparel. What better way to give your body that hourglass illusion than with horizontal stripes on the bottom, and Vertical stripes on top. Not to mention the cross/over strap which I'm loving!

I have to admit I thought I'd be lost without La Senza for bikini's this year, but I've found so many lovely ones in the above places, so I'm not too worried! 
Have you ladies started your bikini shopping yet? Know of any good spots where they're selling nice ones?
Let me know :)


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