Sunday, 20 May 2012

All aboard my time machine!

I picked up a new jacket from the vintage section in Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, and seeing as I'm having a case of 'bloggers block' at the moment, I thought I'd show you ladies!

(I'm extremely un-photogenic as you can probably tell from the pics above!) .. 
If there's one thing that pisses me off it's being cold, (unfortunately I live in Ireland so I remain pissed off on a regular basis!) lol.. This baby is a change from the usual blazers I wear.. It's huge!
I got it in a size large, can you tell?, as I love the way it looks so baggy... I just love the fact that it looks like I've stolen it off some random bloke whom I met when I traveled back to the 80's in my time machine! I over think things... It's also handy as I can throw it on on a chilly summers night over shorts and a crop top, or I can pile a hoody or two under it and wear it during winter! 
It cost 80 euro which isn't the kind of money I'd usually splurge on one jacket, but as I said above I'll get so much wear out of it, and I fell absolutely in love with it in the shop and couldn't leave it behind!
I know it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but what do you ladies think? 
Have you purchased any jackets for summer?


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