Thursday, 10 May 2012

Artist: Beatrice Billard

Whats that you say? Another artist post?
Let's just say with the help of a dear friend called Stumbleupon I've been coming across some epic artists in the last few days to share with you ladies..
Beatrice Billard being one of them. She's a Fine artist / Illustrator and I'm in love with her whimsical, sweet and sometimes haunting pieces... So here are a few of my favorites...

I'm not sure if any of you ladies remember the post I done back in January about an artist called Ludmila Korol, Beatrice's style reminds me of hers so much but in a less creepy way!
The little Matchgirl would have to be my favorite as I loved that story as a child and find her interpretation really fitting!
What do you ladies think of this fabulous artist?

I took all of the pictures from her website which you can check out here!
The artist also has a brilliant blog which you can check out here!


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