Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Easy Cake Pops Recipe...

I've been seeing cake pops everywhere lately especially now that it's communion and confirmation season! 
So when me and my cousin took on the task of throwing a baby shower for my other cousin.. I was dying to get my hands on some! 
Cake pops are like lollipops, with cake in the middle, they're fun and easy to make as I soon discovered.
We had a limited budget so in the end I Youtube'd a recipe and found a great, easy peasy one! (I'll pop the link at the end of this post) 
The pops are great for parties and even girls nights in.
So here's how I went about making them, (well my version of them) picture by picture.. (Like a kids cook book, I find things much easier when there's pictures!) 

Ingredients (I made 30 but I'll give you the ingredients for 15)
You can make sponge cake yourself but because I had so much to do I took the lazy way out and got a packet of 12 ready made madeira buns.
Half a tub of Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting 
3 medium sized bars of cooking chocolate
Lollipop sticks
Anything you want to use for decoration.

The first step is to crumble up the buns/cake with your hands into a bowl, (use a blender if you want, I don't have one :( ) 

Add half the tub of chocolate frosting.

Mix it with a spoon at first, then dig in with your hands as if your making meatballs!

The mix should come together like a ball and almost feel like play dough.

Roll them into little balls, (a bit bigger than your average lollipop) I'm quite the blind baker so I just tried my best to make them even. If you have a small enough ice-cream scoop you can use that!

Melt a small amount of chocolate (4 or 5 squares should be enough) Dip the top of the lollipop sticks into the melted chocolate...

..and stick one in each ball. This helps the lollipop sticks to stay in the pops securely.

Ta Daaaaa!

Pop them in the fridge for around 2 hours so that they can set.

I put all of my decorations in small paper cups.. just to be prepared. I got these in A multi pack in Tesco's and If I remember correctly they cost around 3.90.

When the cakes are ready melt your remaining chocolate.

In the Youtube video is says to have styrofoam at the ready.. I had none so I used an old cardboard box and poked holes in it... twas a bit dodgy but It ended up working out in the end.

Dip the cake pops into your melted chocolate, let some of it drip off before decorating or things could get messy! Decorate as you wish... I was making them for a baby shower, my cousin is having a girl so of course I tried to make them as pink and girly as possible... 

I even managed some polka dot ones!

After decorating each pop place them in one of the holes in the box, it's better to let them dry standing like so, so that they won't have bits of chocolate missing.

I was delighted with the finishing result.. apart for the one that cracked.. :(
I'd practiced this method the week before and ended up making them way too big, I then ran out of melted chocolate and had to use it sparingly so you can imagine what a mess they were! This time they turned out so neat and pretty! Yay!

When you bite into them it looks and tastes like a really rich chocolate cake!
If your not so much of a chocolate person you can change up the ingredients and use different flavored frosting or cakes.

We ended up having quite a chaotic few days, the night before the shower my cousin started getting pre-labor contractions.. she had to come to my house as the hospital is nearer to me... We really thought it wasn't going to happen, I thought my poor cake pops weren't going to be eaten! 
In the end we threw it in my house so that if anything was to happen she'd be up the road from the hospital.. It was a lovely night and everyone really seemed to love the cake pops! RESULT!

Halfway through writing this post we had to rush her to hospital but it was just a false alarm... hopefully there'll be a new baby in the family in the next few days! :)

This is the video I got the whole recipe from. It's so clear and makes them really easy to create so check it out if my version didn't work for you.


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