Friday, 25 May 2012

Festival Finds!...

Well festival season is here and it's certainly showing in all of the high street shops!
I'm heading to my first one tomorrow so I was feeling inspired to post about some cool items to bring along!
While camping for three days without showers, hair utensils and a warm cosy bed doesn't really appeal to me I'm sure the great music and buzz will make it worth it!
A festival is like going to a world where anything goes, and if you've purchased an item and haven't yet got the guts to wear, it a festival is the perfect opportunity! Nobodies going to laugh at you for wearing a onesie, nobody will sneer at your head chain and people will envy that glorious straw hat your wearing!
Here are a few items that I've been loving...

Who on the face of this earth would not want to wear one of these, paint lines on their faces and run around whooping! And what better place to do it than at a music festival? I, unfortunately, left it too late and couldn't get one anywhere! This one is from H&M and I only came across it now! :(

and of course the wellies! Nowadays where can't you get them? I had a little bit of a struggle finding a nice pair because let's face  it, they're not the most flattering shoes in the world! However my mam came home with a lovely cheetah skin pair from Tesco's today! Who knew Tesco sold wellies? The pair above are from who have some lovely designs! 

And of course with wellies come socks! Those crazy socks in your drawer that you got for Christmas last year and have never had the guts to wear in public can now be put to use! They'll keep your feet warm and the crazier the design, the better! The ones above are from Topshop.

I'm bringing a huge gym bag with me as I've packed everything but the kitchen sink, but if you're more of a light packer this super cute, summery backpack is from Asos.

Dressing up seems to be the in thing to do at many festivals and I've come across so many pictures of people in onesies! I personally wanted to buy a red one and dress up as a strawberry (with my strawberry hat from river Island).. of course it's summer so onesies aren't so easy to find.. There is a brilliant website however where the oensie above came from called

I know we have a great weather forecast for the weekend but come on... this is Ireland so I'm planning on wearing tights the whole three days rather than going bare legged and risking freezing my arse off! These super funky tie dye tights are from Topshop.

A big bag is one thing, but it's handy to have a small bag, preferably one that can be worn across your chest, to keep your phone, money and ID in. You can keep this on you at all times to keep your stuff safe and if you're planning on getting very drunk wear it across the shoulder so you won't lose it! This funky fringe bag is from River Island.

My last iphone was stolen in a nightclub and my mother has now threatened to cut off several of my limbs if I lose my current one. When it comes to expensive phones your better safe than sorry! I still haven't even decided if I'll bring mine or not.. I have insurance.. but still! I came across several of these around the neck phone cases in H&M, they come in all different designs and are really pretty! I'm so regretting not getting one right now...

Urban Outfitters always have quirky little accessories for festivals like these covers for your shoes to keep them clean and prevent them from getting ruined!

Of course I couldn't leave glow sticks out of this post. For some reason, when people are intoxicated, glow sticks become the higher power! I've actually witnessed people fighting over them at gigs! Sure why not... they.... glow in the dark? You can get this pack of 12 in Urban outfitters..

If I had it my way my laptop would be coming with me to the festival along with my king sized bed complete with mosquito net, but of course that's not happening so I shan't be blogging for the next three days!

Are any of you heading to a music festival this summer? Have you picked up any cool bits 'n' bobs for it?
Oh and just to be safe, take a look at my Sloppy drunk girl syndrome post for some tips on how not to be the sloppy drunk girl! 


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