Sunday, 13 May 2012

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny black high wasted lace bikini...

It's officially summer! Well, not in Ireland, but everywhere else it is!
Summer means summer shopping and summer shopping always involves hours of gazing at bikini's and wondering if you'll be brave enough to wear them! I'm hitting Ibiza for a week this year, then heading back to my lavly village in Italy for a month.. (I won't be coming home as I'll be moving straight over to Florence for fashion school from there)
When I spend my summers in Italy I head to the pool and beach at least three times a week so I usually go over with a bucket load of bikini's... 
I've realized over the years that I'm completely bikini boring! I like to smother myself in oil and tan a lot on holidays so I always opt for the plain bikini's... I want that to change this year though!
So I've browsed around and found some super sexy and unusual bikini's for holidays!
Hope you ladies like them...

I love all things leopard, and this baby is beautiful without crossing the tacky line! It wouldn't be a very good choice for someone with a big bust as it doesn't seem to have any support, but for those of us with mosquito bites it would look great! lol.. It's available in Topshop!

This pineapple paradise bikini is from Accessorize and shouts CUTE from every angle! Colorful, fruity and frilly, can it get any better? It also has under-wire so weather your little ladies are huge and need the support, or are non existent and need an illusion... they'd look great on anyone!

As I mentioned before, I'm big into my tanning so one pieces are a no no for me, but I just had to put this one up as it's absolutely beautiful! Anything crocheted does it for me and that detail is just to die for! It's by a designer called Lisa Maree and is available to buy on

I am, and forever will be a huge fan of anything high wasted! I just think high waste suits every figure weather your skinny or curvy... I literally had these in my hands in Urban Outfitters just the other day, but was unsure... As I said twice before now, I love to tan and I'd worry about the high waist line... but then again I could just fold them down when I'm sunbathing.... Ugh I can't make a decision! What do you ladies think? Should I indulge in this classy bikini?

River Island always bring in an amazing range of unusual bikini's for summer, and I love these jewel embellished ones.. Word of advice though... Last year I spend 40 euro on a pair and two weeks later they were in the sale for less than half the price! So if you're planning on buying leave it until right before your holiday so you don't get caught out like I did!

What better place than Etsy to find some interesting pieces? These stunning, pin up girlesque bikini's are from a seller called Meshalo.. When I look at them I see myself sitting on a lounge chair, cocktail in hand with some vintage sunny's, my fake bangs and a bright red lipstick... Let's be realistic though, When I'm at the beach I have oil all over me, my hair in a huge bun at the very top of my head and my face is red and free of make-up!

These are from another seller on Etsy called Oksana Weber... How amazing? Making your everyday beach experience into a game of dress up! The superman ones don't appeal to me as much but I'd certainly sport that batman one! Love them!

And if it's flowers you love this adorable, pixie-like bikini is from ASOS.. I'm not a huge fan of wearing white bikini's as I'm always scared they'll turn see-through in the water, so if your planning on purchasing these babies I highly recommend trying them out in the shower first! They'd look fab with a tan though!

Primark (Penneys for me) is where I buy most of my swimwear, they always have a lovely range of durable bikini's that are pleasantly generous in the padding department! lol Now for some reason Primark have a crappy website so I took this image from the summer campaign.

Lastly, these adorable striped bikini's from American Apparel. What better way to give your body that hourglass illusion than with horizontal stripes on the bottom, and Vertical stripes on top. Not to mention the cross/over strap which I'm loving!

I have to admit I thought I'd be lost without La Senza for bikini's this year, but I've found so many lovely ones in the above places, so I'm not too worried! 
Have you ladies started your bikini shopping yet? Know of any good spots where they're selling nice ones?
Let me know :)


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