Friday, 11 May 2012

A Military Moment...

I noticed whilst browsing the web today for clothes I can't afford, that military is everywhere and is another one of those trends that never seems to go out of fashion for good!
From Lara Croft, to Rihanna in the new film 'Battleship', and we can't forget Katy Perry looking sexy in combats in her new video, It just keeps popping up!

So having all this inspiration in mind I picked out a few beautiful pieces from some of my favorite places to shop, to help you ladies fill that summer wardrobe!

This lovely khaki crop top is from Topshop would be a key piece in anyone's summer wardrobe! weather you want to wear it under something for a bit of color, or make it the key piece in an outfit, I'm sure you'd get plenty of wear out of it!

Also from Topshop, this stunning shirt. I'm loving shirts like this at the moment as you can wear it buttoned up, or wear it open with a cute crop top under it.. I've been using my shirts almost as cardigans now that its summer!

River Island has some great pieces for summer too, including these lace up shorts that would look great with a tank top during the day, and even better with a blouse at night! Love them!

...and again from River Island, I love their jeans, they always fit comfortably and last ages. These babies are a great change from your average blue or black denim jeans yet they have a much more subtle tone than all of the crazy multicolored jeans that are out now.

I just love New Look, I live in sandals in the summer, they're great for nights when your not in the mood to wear heels, and they can still look dressy when worn with nice clothes. Definitely picking these up next time I'm shopping!

Sorry about the size of some of the photo's, they were taken from the stores websites... 
I know it's hard to see but this waist coat is gorgeous! If you want a closer look check out the New Look website here!

My favorite of all! This jacket from Urban Outfitters... I had it in my hand for at least twenty minutes the other day whilst contemplating weather to get it, or opt for a faded denim jacket, I ended up going for the denim one and I don't regret the decision... but I still want this baby! Anyone wanna buy it for me? lol!
The jacket is loose, and really light so even if your on holidays it's great to throw on at night!

How sexy are these babies? I found them on, they're pretty much like Jeffrey Campbells but with a thinner heel and a more pointy front. How great would they look with a pair of khaki jeans and a black tank top? At the reasonable price of £40 they're pocket friendly too!

And for a more formal look, this stunning dress from ASOS with a belt that you can wrap around whatever way you please. 

Lastly thrse lovely jeans from ASOS, again, like the jeans above from River Island, they're subtle and can be worn casually with some flip flops or dressed up with a pair of heels.

What do you ladies think of the Military trend?
Will you be investing in any military style clothes this summer?


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