Wednesday, 16 May 2012

One Lovely Blog Award...

The lovely Kiwi has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award! :)
Check out her blog here!
I'm absolutely delighted as I haven't won a blog award in yonks! Hopefully it will get my blog noticed as it's been really quiet around here compared to what it was back a few months ago!

The rules for this award are to share seven random facts about yourself, and then pass it on to seven other lovely blogs...

7 Facts
1. I'm highly addicted to reading blogs! I follow way too many between Blogger and Bloglovin.. I just can't resist I keep coming across brilliant new ones!

2. I'm currently in an argument with myself over weather to get my Pug Neutered! Every time I look at him his little friend is staring up at me! It's gross but I can't bring myself to get rid of his manhood! Poor chap! :(

3. Me and my dad bond over Bob Marley.. the one thing we have in common is our love for him! I'm always slagging him and saying that he was a stoner in college... come on, if you listened to him in the seventies chances are you were fond of the ganja! lol He still, to this day will not admit it!

4. I watched 'One Born Every Minute' for the first time the other day.... and people say the human centipede is disturbing? Consider my tubes tied! 

5. Right now, I am sitting watching my pregnant cousin having long, painful contractions and don't know what else to do but make jokes and laugh... I'm just waiting for her to fling a shoe at my head! 

6. I hate when boys light my cigarettes... I know it's strange, It's just something I've had for years! I can light my own cigarette thank you... I have two hands and ten fingers... I can handle it! Only guys I really trust like cousins and good friends are allowed! 

7. My mam and dad are well too affectionate for my liking... They are constantly hugging, kissing and rubbing their noses together right in front of me. It makes me feel like vomiting... lol

And now for the seven lovely blogs I've chosen for the award... (as I said before I follow hundreds so this is SO hard, also some of the blogs I love already have the award so I thought I'd be fair and choose people who don't have it.)

2. Beth @ Birds Words
3. Lydia @ Fashion Flux
4. Larry @ What Larry Loves
5. Catarina @ What Cat Says

All seven blogs are brilliant and keep me nice and entertained! :)
Ps. If any of you are on Bloglovin leave me a link to your page if I don't already follow you, I find it so much easy to manage the gazillion blogs I follow on that.. Also follow me on Bloglovin, The click to follow button is at the bottom of my page...

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