Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tune Tuesday the After Life Edition...

So I was off at Life festival over the weekend and although sleeping in a tent, not showering and using smelly toilets didn't appeal to me.. I still managed to have one of the best weekends of my life!
Life is a small festival, there were less than 5000 people there and with so many friends around I didn't have to worry about belongings being stolen or getting crushed in a crowd!
Somehow we got super duper lucky and it was sunny the whole weekend (in Ireland, yes!) so I've arrived home with a slightly reddish tan :) Here are some photo's of the amazing time I had and a few tunes!
 My friend Katie and I.. I got the Sunglasses in Penneys for three euro! I didn't want to bring expensive ones and end up losing them but I still have these babies and I'm planning on getting a lot of wear out of them this summer!

 We spent hours in front of the lake some days and watched the sun set! 
Imagine being at a rave, looking up and seeing this! 

The Barley Mob - Stand Up Rise Up
The Barley mob are an Irish Reggae band and I enjoyed their music so so much. We lay on the grass at the main stage and flaked while listening to them! They're music is so positive and upbeat... I never thought a Dublin accent could sound so amazing in a Reggae song!

Engin-earz Experiment - Kaliyuga
If you're as crazy about Dubstep as I am you'll love these guys! It's Dubstep with an Indian touch and I love love love it!

Emalkay - Fabrication
Lastly some more Dubstep, Emalkay was absolutely unreal! I didn't stop dancing for the whole hour he played.. (Not even for a smoke! Wth?) His music is so energetic and full of killer drops!

Hope you ladies had a fabulous weekend :)


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