Friday, 18 May 2012

When Sheep Dress Like Shepard's: Marina

This month I've taken a particular interest in the style of Marina, of 'Marina and the Diamonds..'
What better way to launch a new album than with a whole new look.
I love the fact that she looks like a real life doll, little heart on her face included!
Also for all you blonde bombshells out there, she might just be bringing roots back into fashion! You'll save a fortune on hair dye! lol I also loved her old style so I'll be sure to include some looks from then too.
Here are four of Marina's looks, and my summer-time take on them! 


How cute would this outfit be with a pair of red converse on a hot, sunny day? I didn't include the jacket because it's summer but I love the idea of the washed looking shorts with a cute striped crop top! 
Both top and shorts are from Topshop.


For this look I opted for a collared dress from Topshop.. (I've had my eye on it for weeks but it's a little too expensive so I'll have to cross my fingers and hope it pops up in a sale some time soon!) I went for this pink cardigan from ASOS.. I wouldn't be mad into wearing fur in the summer... then again, I live in Ireland so I could definitely pull it off with the cold weather!

This floor length green gown that Marina is wearing is stunning, so sleek and elegant!.. and what better way to feel like that this summer than with this lovely, light maxi dress from River Island... I've professed my love for all things maxi many times before in this blog, You just feel so feminine and fancy when you wear them!


This pink fairy/princess-like dress is from Ted Baker... It's not my cup of tea but I love it on Marina and I think it would be super cute for anyone that's a proper girly girl. If you have a wedding or other special occasion it would be perfect! Some nude peep toes would go great with it, the ones above are from Aldo..

What do you ladies think of Marina's new look? Which do you prefer, her old American sweetheart look or her new life sized doll look?


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