Thursday, 3 May 2012

Z.L Feng, another amazing artist!

I haven't really focused on any landscape artists on my blog so when I found Z.L Feng I was delighted!
He's a fabulous artist who grew up in Shanghai and works with many different mediums, his favorite being watercolors.. (I'm mad for the watercolors myself so I find his work really interesting...) 
The artist admittedly loves to find interesting compositions for his paintings. 
Not only are his landscapes amazing but so are his portraits which seem to capture a certain vulnerability and melancholy in each face... allowing the viewer to see past their expressions, and almost into their souls... (God I'm cheesy tonight!) So here are a few of his super realistic and intensely beautiful works.

Again, I'm not going make this into one of my boring sixth year art history essays... so If you want to learn more specifics about the artist check out his official website here!

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