Saturday, 30 June 2012

Charity Dinner Dance in aid of St Francis Hospice

I've been dying to post about this night for ages now but the pictures were only released the other day..
Back in April my mam decided to host a charity dinner dance for St Francis Hospice in Raheny, who took absolutely amazing care of my grandad when he spent his last few weeks there back in February. 
The hospice is run on donations so we wanted to show them some gratitude and appreciation for their kindness. 
We held the dinner dance in a nearby hotel. It involved a champagne reception, a meal, a raffle,  a band and lots of dancing and a little fashion show with clothes from Shamon Boutique in Castleknock and  jewelry  from Tower Jewellers, Blanchardstown. 

Rather than going out and having to pay for models my mother managed to convince me, some cousins and a couple of friends to model the clothing. Although it was the most nerve wrecking thing I've ever done in my life it actually ended up being so much fun! Not to mention that it added a nice, personal touch and I love how we're all different shapes and sizes rather than being starving looking skeletons!

So here are some snaps from the night, photography by Una Williams.

This is my mam, dad and me. I purchased my dress for the night in Julien, Stephens Green.The dress my mum is wearing is also from Julien, it was inspired by Kate Middletons birthday dress but my mam (always afraid that someone will show up in the same dress as her!) decided to change things up a bit by adding the belt, brooch and some embellishments to the sleeves.

This one was taken on a phone but I just had to show you how hot my best friend Stephanie (from Style Me Ricci) looked in her tux. She was my date for the night we felt like we were at prom!
And the rest of the pictures are from the fashion show..

Despite the fact that I'd been at the hotel since earlier that morning trying to set everything up, It ended up being a really fun night and we managed to earn almost 8500 for the charity!
I'm so proud of the mammy! :)


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirt...

What's this? Another outfit post? That's strange for me!
On Tuesday I went to see the Red hot Chili Peppers in Croke park.
I'd been to see them back in October and absolutely loved them! So much so that I picked up a T-shirt at the concert (Which I never do as I usually have very little money!) Unfortunately they only had large ones left so I just settled and decided I'd use it as PJ's.. until I had a brainwave on Monday and decided to reconstruct the T-shirt so that I could wear it to the concert. Now I'm awful at sewing and what-not.. but all it took to make the over-sized, not so flattering T into a funky crop top was a pair of scissors!

All I had to do was chop off the sleeves, then cut across the stomach making sure not to snip off any of the writing on the back. In the end I actually loved how it looked and decided to wear it with my trusty black maxi skirt and my converse. (excuse the blurry photo, what is it with dads and their photography skills? lol this was the best of a bad bunch!)

I'm pretty happy with the results and am hoping to get the scissors out on a few old T's I have lying around.


Monday, 25 June 2012

The Christening: OOTD

So I attended my little cousins christening today and thought I'd show you ladies what I wore.
I always find it really hard to dress for family events. I like to look dressy but still classy as they'd hardly be impressed if I showed up in an outfit I'd wear out clubbing! 
I thought a midi skirt would be perfect for the occasion, they're so feminine and ladylike and I just can't get enough of them! 

Excuse the crappy photo's it was quite windy!
I spotted a mint green pleated maxi skirt in H&M a few months ago but never got around to buying it, to my absolute delight I found an identical one in Zara.. It was 50 euro which I think is a fair enough price for a piece like this that can be dressed up with heels or worn casual with flats. I just know I'm going to get loads of wear out of it this summer and it's so comfortable! 

The blouse is from Topshop, It has an embroidered collar which I absolutely love. I got it on sale for around twenty euro which of course is a brilliant price for such an increasingly expensive shop! I always wear shirts buttoned up to the top I just think it's so cute! The great thing about shirts like this is that you can wear them in so many ways, I wore a vest top under it today but on a night out I'd probably wear a bra or crop top underneath, you can wear the buttons closed, slightly open or opened top to bottom like a little sleeveless cardigan!

The shoes, which I've mentioned before in outfit posts are from Korky's, and although they are super high they're probably one of the most comfortable pairs I have! I was literally walking up hills in them and not one blister has appeared! They also make me tower above my tiny Italian family! lol

Thought I'd also show off my new sunglasses which I got in River Island a few weeks ago.
They were 19 euro and I just love the little vintage touch they add to any outfit! The watch I'm wearing was a birthday present from my aunt, I love white watches they seem to go with everything!

All in all I had such a great day! Just a big shout out to the sun...yes, the sun! Thanks for being around today! You were lovely! :)


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Can I have yo numba?.... NO!

Excuse the rant...

I blame this incident completely on myself. On a messy, drunken night out a few months ago I gave my number to some chap who I'd literally been talking to for about... 5 minutes? He rang me the next night and I, barely remembering giving anyone my number, was disgusted at what he had to say! Let's just say he made his perverted, dirty intentions very clear! I asked him to stop contacting me yet I'm still receiving these perverted texts every now and then. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this weirdo is on a sex offenders list! 

Fear not, I'm planning on getting the number blocked from my phone in the next couple of days.. but this incident really got me thinking... When is it ever OK to give someone your number?

It's the end of the night, the club is closing and that ride of a guy across the room only decided to start chatting to you now! Just as it's taking off his friends begin urging him out of the club, (to the nearest food joint no doubt...) Eager to finish the conversation, out pops the question: Can I have yo Numbaaaaaa? (Ok they probably won't say it like that, but still...) 
Heck, he seems like a nice bloke, a potential husband for sure, and how, oh how can you resist that puppy dog smolder? 

With thousands of ladies out there being stalked on a daily basis, I'm not willing to take chances anymore! Giving someone your number isn't like adding them on Facebook, there's no unfriend button and if you do want to get rid of them you've to go through the effort of contacting the police or going to the phone shop and getting them blocked.

In an ideal world this is how the whole texting thing would work out:

-You'll begin texting, realize that you have so much in common and get along smashingly.
- A date will be arranged and the chemistry will be oh so evident.
- A few months down the line things will get more serious, a relationship perhaps?
- A few years later and BOOM comes the marriage and the baby in a golden carriage.

Ok maybe I'm over exaggerating but ladies, we all like to sum up lads we get talking to...
Whilst all of the above may happen to the lucky bitches out there.. I haven't been so fortunate..
In my experience texting has resulted in the following: 

-You'll text non stop for days, arrange dates that never seem to happen and eventually it will come to a hault.
-You'll get lost among the other six new contacts he made that night. 
- Things will be going well... UNTIL... He asks you to send him a picture of yourself. What do you need confirmation that I'm not a complete whale before the texting goes any further? That one's a deal breaker for me!
- You might actually get as far as a date only to discover that (a) he's a complete prick or (b) You realize that you had a serious set of beer goggles on the night you met.
- He'll turn out to be an absolute pervert and harass you. 

Well I've learned my lesson and I certainly won't be giving anyone my number in the near future. 
I'm interested to hear your opinion on this...
Have you ever given out your number in a club? If so, did it work out?...


Friday, 22 June 2012

Hat Happy this Summer!

Hat Happy this Summer!

Catarzi raffia hat
$66 -

Snap hat
$58 -

Paper hat
$44 -

Block hat
$44 -

ASOS wide brim fedora
$12 -

ASOS pom hat
$25 -

Straw hat
€23 -

ASOS floral hat
$20 -


Floppy hat

Peaked hat

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Knicker Shorts: Yay or Nay?

It started in September. I was heading on a night out with a friend and was feeling a little slutty in my bandeau skirt, crop top and platforms. That was of course until I arrived to the night club and saw this 'new trend.'
I think I saw more ass cheek that night than I would at a porn awards ceremony and I was truly disturbed!

Since then I've been seeing a lot of knicker shorts in stores and in the clubs. Rihanna sports them in her music video's and on tour and now that Cheryl Cole has strutted her stuff in them in her latest video for 'call my name' I'm guessing they'll be around all summer! 

A music video is one thing, but would you ladies ever wear them on a night out?
Being quite the Schizo.. I'm on two minds about these shorts...

When I see girls out practically wearing bra's with them I just think it's a little on the trashy side!
I'm a huge believer in the whole 'boobs or legs' rule... If your going to show off a lot of cleavage, cover them legs or vice versa... I usually make an exception to this rule in the summer as when your on holidays you do like to go a little crazy, plus when it's 50 degrees out I tend to wear as little clothes as possible! 
The problem with these shorts is that, from my experience of seeing ladies wearing them in the clubs, it can actually look like you're wearing underwear!! 

On the positive side, Paired with a nice, modest top and a pair of tights I think they can look super funky yet still quite classy, not to mention that there's a wide variety of them in stores and for us short girls they would probably give the illusion that we have super long legs!
I can't decide weather I'm being a prude or not... I mean if your young, and if you have the figure for them why not flaunt it?  Some day when your old and your boobs are dangling loosely down by your ankles you may regret not taking full advantage of your figure, then again.. your bum cheeks? Really? 

Although I complain about these shorts, I've found myself picking up stunning pairs in shops and questioning weather to buy them or not! They're really pretty and can look beautiful if worn with the right clothes, but I'm not sure if I'd feel comfortable walking around with my arse cheeks wobbling freely!

What do you ladies think? Are knicker shorts a Yay or Nay?

Here are four pairs from Topshop to help you make up your mind! 


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Matheus Lopes: Illustrator

Well hello ladies!
I'm having a serious lack of blog-spiration lately and it's killing me!
Luckily enough I came across a fab artist yesterday and decided to show you some of his stuff!
His name is Matheus Lopes, he's a Brazilian illustrator and I can't find an official website so that's just about all I know about him! lol Here's a few of his works which I had to steal from Google Images... 
Enjoy! :)


Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bunmi Koko Spring Summer 2012...

Ooooh I've just come across Bunmi Koko whilst flicking through my glamour magazine and after checking out their Facebook page I can now confirm that I'm in love!
The collection is so beautiful with vibrant colors, flowing fabrics and I can't not mention how cool the models makeup is! Here's a look at some of my favorite pieces...

My two favorites would be the naivy/blue crop top and midi skirt (which I'd gladly wear on any night out!) and the little jumpsuit!
Have you ladies got a favorite?


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