Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Black Milk Clothing...

Well ladies, I've done it again!
In the midst of my tragically penniless period, I have gone and come across another amazing online store! When I say amazing you better believe it... Asos and Boohoo are one thing, I always find beautiful bits on them... but Black Milk Clothing is on a completely different level, to the point where I actually want, need, every single piece on the website in my wardrobe!
It's like the designer is telepathic, he got into my head, saw all the clothes I'd love to have and made a brand out of them! 
So here I am, not a penny to my name, and despite the fact that I'm moving to away next year for Fashion School in what seems to be the most expensive city ever, no job lined up, no idea how I'll pay the rent... yet the only thing I'm planning on spending my next bit of money on is a pair of galaxy leggings or a peacock dress. Darn!

So here's a look at some of my favorite pieces, (It was pretty hard to narrow down!) and do make sure to check out the Black Milk Website here!

Anyone else madly in love? 
Also, be sure to check out the designers biography on the website, it's really inspiring and has actually influenced lazy auld me to get out my sketch pad and be creative! lol


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