Sunday, 24 June 2012

Can I have yo numba?.... NO!

Excuse the rant...

I blame this incident completely on myself. On a messy, drunken night out a few months ago I gave my number to some chap who I'd literally been talking to for about... 5 minutes? He rang me the next night and I, barely remembering giving anyone my number, was disgusted at what he had to say! Let's just say he made his perverted, dirty intentions very clear! I asked him to stop contacting me yet I'm still receiving these perverted texts every now and then. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this weirdo is on a sex offenders list! 

Fear not, I'm planning on getting the number blocked from my phone in the next couple of days.. but this incident really got me thinking... When is it ever OK to give someone your number?

It's the end of the night, the club is closing and that ride of a guy across the room only decided to start chatting to you now! Just as it's taking off his friends begin urging him out of the club, (to the nearest food joint no doubt...) Eager to finish the conversation, out pops the question: Can I have yo Numbaaaaaa? (Ok they probably won't say it like that, but still...) 
Heck, he seems like a nice bloke, a potential husband for sure, and how, oh how can you resist that puppy dog smolder? 

With thousands of ladies out there being stalked on a daily basis, I'm not willing to take chances anymore! Giving someone your number isn't like adding them on Facebook, there's no unfriend button and if you do want to get rid of them you've to go through the effort of contacting the police or going to the phone shop and getting them blocked.

In an ideal world this is how the whole texting thing would work out:

-You'll begin texting, realize that you have so much in common and get along smashingly.
- A date will be arranged and the chemistry will be oh so evident.
- A few months down the line things will get more serious, a relationship perhaps?
- A few years later and BOOM comes the marriage and the baby in a golden carriage.

Ok maybe I'm over exaggerating but ladies, we all like to sum up lads we get talking to...
Whilst all of the above may happen to the lucky bitches out there.. I haven't been so fortunate..
In my experience texting has resulted in the following: 

-You'll text non stop for days, arrange dates that never seem to happen and eventually it will come to a hault.
-You'll get lost among the other six new contacts he made that night. 
- Things will be going well... UNTIL... He asks you to send him a picture of yourself. What do you need confirmation that I'm not a complete whale before the texting goes any further? That one's a deal breaker for me!
- You might actually get as far as a date only to discover that (a) he's a complete prick or (b) You realize that you had a serious set of beer goggles on the night you met.
- He'll turn out to be an absolute pervert and harass you. 

Well I've learned my lesson and I certainly won't be giving anyone my number in the near future. 
I'm interested to hear your opinion on this...
Have you ever given out your number in a club? If so, did it work out?...


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