Sunday, 10 June 2012

Charlotte Olympia Spring Summer 2012...

Hello Ladies!
So I've been a little under the weather today about how broke I am!
Trying to save for college doesn't really go hand in hand with being unemployed so any bit of money I get my hands on is off limits to spend... There's nothing I'd like more than to mug some old, helpless woman, rob her credit card and blow all her money in Urban Outfitters. (maybe not an old woman, but my dad's wallet is looking more and more appealing every day! lol) 
On a more optimistic note, I should be winning the lottery any day now so I've been browsing the Charlotte Olympia website, looking at her Spring Summer collection and deciding which shoes I shall purchase...
and I've come to the decision that, in hopes of not being too selfish, I'll only buy these ten pairs...

There's a pair in there with the same name as me! It's destiny! I'm absolutely loving Charlotte's spring summer collection, her shoes are so full of character, they're dainty, fun and beautiful, everything a shoe needs to be! If only they were sold in Penneys rather than Brown Thomas! lol 
Which shoes are your favorite?


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