Friday, 8 June 2012

The Cigarette Dress...

I just came across some old photo's from a project me and my best friend worked on a couple of years ago.
I've probably mentioned before on this blog that I smoke like a chimney...
So a couple of years ago I just couldn't bring myself to throw my cigarette boxes out... I began collecting them and within months I had enough to do something fun with! 
My initial idea was to make a giant, 3D gun out of the boxes... smoking kills... hehe get it?
In the end me and Stephanie from Style Me Ricci decided (since we both love fashion) to create a garment!
When it came time for me to apply to colleges I popped the dress on, back-brushed the crap out of my hair and hopped in my shower in an effort to get a somewhat professional looking photograph. In the end we put the pictures in negative as they showed the dress better.. So here's a look at our little creation.

We flattened the boxes and cut them, then pinched holes in the corners and stringed them together with black wool. The sleeves were made of the top and bottom parts of the boxes and the skirt was completely made of the silver foil paper that's inside each box.

We were pretty impressed with what we'd made seeing as none of us had even studied art or fashion at that stage! lol What do you ladies think? Shall I pull out the dress for my next night out? lol


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