Thursday, 21 June 2012

Knicker Shorts: Yay or Nay?

It started in September. I was heading on a night out with a friend and was feeling a little slutty in my bandeau skirt, crop top and platforms. That was of course until I arrived to the night club and saw this 'new trend.'
I think I saw more ass cheek that night than I would at a porn awards ceremony and I was truly disturbed!

Since then I've been seeing a lot of knicker shorts in stores and in the clubs. Rihanna sports them in her music video's and on tour and now that Cheryl Cole has strutted her stuff in them in her latest video for 'call my name' I'm guessing they'll be around all summer! 

A music video is one thing, but would you ladies ever wear them on a night out?
Being quite the Schizo.. I'm on two minds about these shorts...

When I see girls out practically wearing bra's with them I just think it's a little on the trashy side!
I'm a huge believer in the whole 'boobs or legs' rule... If your going to show off a lot of cleavage, cover them legs or vice versa... I usually make an exception to this rule in the summer as when your on holidays you do like to go a little crazy, plus when it's 50 degrees out I tend to wear as little clothes as possible! 
The problem with these shorts is that, from my experience of seeing ladies wearing them in the clubs, it can actually look like you're wearing underwear!! 

On the positive side, Paired with a nice, modest top and a pair of tights I think they can look super funky yet still quite classy, not to mention that there's a wide variety of them in stores and for us short girls they would probably give the illusion that we have super long legs!
I can't decide weather I'm being a prude or not... I mean if your young, and if you have the figure for them why not flaunt it?  Some day when your old and your boobs are dangling loosely down by your ankles you may regret not taking full advantage of your figure, then again.. your bum cheeks? Really? 

Although I complain about these shorts, I've found myself picking up stunning pairs in shops and questioning weather to buy them or not! They're really pretty and can look beautiful if worn with the right clothes, but I'm not sure if I'd feel comfortable walking around with my arse cheeks wobbling freely!

What do you ladies think? Are knicker shorts a Yay or Nay?

Here are four pairs from Topshop to help you make up your mind! 


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