Thursday, 7 June 2012

Marta Penter the amazing Painter!

Well ladies, It's been a few days! Apologies for not blogging I've had such a busy week.
I walked the Flora ladies marathon on Monday for St Francis Hospice, they took great care of my grandfather earlier this year during his last days so anything to raise money for them! 
Because I was walking the marathon I didn't think to warm up, but hell ten kilometers takes it's toll on any human body and my legs were in agony for days! 
I've also taken up driving lessons again, I've been driving over a year and have had 30 lessons!!!, as I want to pass my test before moving to Florence! The new instructor is pretty epic so I'm feeling a lot more confident this time around! 
Now for tonight's post I decided to focus on yet another amazing artist who I came across on StumbleUpon.
Her name is Marta Penter and she works a lot with watercolor and oil. I really want to try out oil paints, the only thing that put's me off them is the long drying process and the price of them! 

Anyways, her paintings are huge and super realistic! They're quirky, sexy and pretty shameless and would easily be mistaken for photographs! I absolutely adore her stuff and I hope you will too!


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