Monday, 4 June 2012

Mini Lush Haul!

As I mentioned a few days ago, I attended Life festival last weekend and have been spending this week moping around my house wishing I was back there whilst suffering an awful hangover.
Due to the lack of showers, alcohol and makeup abuse my body had to put up with, my skin has been pretty crappy! When I heard my mam was heading into town to run some errands I begged her to pick me up a nice bath bomb from Lush, and lucky for me she got pulled in by the sales assistant and ended up coming home with three products for me! God I love that woman!

The products she picked up for me are Sweet Lips Lip Scrub, Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb and the BBseaweed face mask. Here's what I thought of the products:

Knowing that I'm a fan of the bubble gum flavored lip scrub she decided to buy me a new one. 
For those of you who haven't used them before, The Lip scrubs are sweet tasting and sugary, you rub a bit on your lips and lick it off leaving them feeling buffed and smooth. This one is chocolate flavored so it's extra yummy to lick off! They're great to have in your handbag for applying when your lips are feeling dry or chapped and are great to use before putting on lipstick.
I don't get much use out of my lip scrubs as I always get sick of them after the first few uses but that's just me and I know many fellow lush junkies who swear by the stuff! It costs £4.95 which is pretty steep for some flavored sugar and I probably won't be repurchasing any time soon.

The Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb is now one of my favorites! It smells more natural and less artificial than some of the other bath bombs and is great for a nice relaxing, but not over bearing scented bath. I usually toss the whole thing in my bath as it's quite big but I decided to savor this one and halved it. Surprisingly enough the half was just enough, it turned the water a pale yellow color and I came out smelling like a Creme Brulee! Love it! The price, (£3.15) seems fairly reasonable seeing as I'll be getting a second bath out of it!

The BBseaweed face mask is made for softening, cooling and reducing redness which is exactly what I needed after three days at a festival! It was my first time using a face mask from Lush and I was pretty impressed! With ingredients like Olive oil, seaweed, aloe vera and rose petals I just knew I was in for a treat! So I applied a generous layer, left it on for ten minutes and washed off. My redness was reduced and my face felt refreshed and smooth as a babies bum! The only con is that the masks have to be stored in your fridge... I'm expecting to walk into the kitchen some morning and find my dad spreading it on his toast! lol
£5.75 is again another reasonable price seeing as the ingredients are all fresh and you should get four uses out of the tub. 

I had just run out of all my Lush goodies from Christmas and was delighted with these treats.. the withdrawal symptoms were just kicking in! lol Have you ladies tried any of the above products? If so what do you think? 
Any other Lush goodies you'd recommend?

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