Monday, 11 June 2012

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and Boots Tea Tree concealer...

I haven't done a nice review in a while so after putting on my makeup today I took a few sneaky snaps and decided to show you ladies..
I've been on a hunt for the perfect daytime foundation for the last while, I swore by Bare minerals powder foundation for years but I've gotten bored of it and decided to try something new!
So on my last shopping spree in boots I picked up the Rimmel match perfection foundation in number 201, classic beige. 

Match perfection foundation is said to adapt to skin tone and texture... which is handy seeing as I can never find the perfect color for my skin! The first few times I tried it I thought it was a little dark, then came the sunny weather and after getting a bit of a tan the foundation is perfect!
It's really smooth and leaves a flawless finish... does just what it says on the tin! It's the first time in yonks that I'm able to leave the house feeling confident that my face is not resembling that of an umpa-lumpa! 
I squirt it on my hand before application and I don't even have to wipe the mark off after as it completely blends in with my skin! I'm impressed! And for the price of E11.98 it's a great deal cheaper than the thirty quid I used to pay for my Bare Minerals! Although I'm in love with this foundation I'm not quite sure I'll repurchase as I want to play the field a little and try out more daytime foundations!

I had been using the Benefit bo-ing concealer for three days before I lost it on a drunken night out! Heartbroken! So I ran to boots to find a nice, cheaper alternative and came home with the Boots brand tea tree witch hazel concealer. I've mentioned many times on this blog that my skin has been acting really crappy lately, and I've been suffering from little outbreaks of acne on my chin and at the sides of my lips.. random or what? So I decided that I'll fight it whilst hiding it with this concealer! It's been quite the miracle worker as it's so easy to blend (I apply it to the affected area and blend it with my avon foundation brush but fingers work just fine too!) It lasts long and it's that handy cylinder shape that you can throw into your handbag and hopefully not lose on nights out! It also helps to dry out my spots and gets rid of them in days! If I recall correctly I paid around eight euro for it and it's worth every penney! 

...and for the results... ahhhh I fricken hate taking pictures of myself! I always look so goofy! But for you my lovely bloggers I've gone there... lol. 
Hope you ladies had a lovely weekend! :)


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