Sunday, 3 June 2012

Swimsuits as Clothes.. Yay or Nay?

I find it pretty hilarious that I'm writing this post whilst it's lashing rain outside, but when you live in Ireland you have to pretend it's summer and get on with it! lol
If any of you read my swimwear post last month you probably heard me going on about how I love tanning...
When I'm on holidays, at the beach or pool I honestly couldn't care less what my bikini is like, as long as it's skimpy enough to get me a good tan! Having been doing a lot of window shopping lately I've noticed that there are so many stunningly beautiful tankini's and swimsuits... so I was thinking... If I can't wear them to the pool/beach with my tanning addiction... why not wear them as clothes?
I mean we wear rompers...?
So I took some of my favorite one pieces and put together some outfits...

The first outfit is pretty much for a night on the town!
1. Embellished trousers:  River Island
2. Wet look swimsuit: Topshop
3. Jeffrey Campbell inspired Platforms:
4. Cross Ring: Dolly Bow Bow

I'd opt to wear this one to a Barbecue or a nice day out in the sun!
1. Tangerine pleated skirt: Topshop
2. Floral swimsuit: Ted Baker (ASOS)
3. White wedges: River Island
4. Floral ankle bracelet: River Island

I'd probably save this outfit for a special occasion like a party..
1. Gold Maxi skirt: River Island
2. Lisa Maree Crochet Swimsuit: Net-a-porter
3. Chinky suede heels: Topshop
4. Head chain: River Island

More of a daytime outfit this would be super cute for heading to the beach (If I wore swimsuits) or shopping!
1. Leaf print shorts: Topshop
2. Nude strappy sandals: Aldo
3. Kaki fringed swimsuit: River Island
4. Over-sized sunglasses:
5. Hamsa bracelet: Dolly Bow Bow

So what do you ladies think? Swimsuits as clothes... Yay or Nay?
And which outfit is your favorite?


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