Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer Sales Finds!

As you ladies probably know from my constant moaning, I've had quite the financially difficult year. (Haven't we all?)
I have to say, it's has made me so careful when it comes to spending money, I now find it much more difficult to justify spending a lump sum of cash on one item of clothing, (although I still do if I really need to!)
I've found myself falling in love with pieces in shops and forcing myself to not purchase them...
Now that the summer sales are here I'm absolutely delighted that I held back as I've found so many bargains!
There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a top, dress or funky skirt that you thought you'd never have, for half the price!

Bargains I've found:

I'm not sure if you ladies remember, but I mentioned these stunning high wasted bikini's in the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Black High Wasted Lace Bikini a few weeks back. It was love at first sight but I decided not to buy them for the mighty price of 50 euro... Tan lines were also an issue... Unfortunately I regretted not buying them when I got home, so today I was absolutely delighted to spot them for 20 euro in the sale! Now that price, I am willing to pay! yay! :)

I came extremely close to purchasing this adorable white dress in Topshop, but the hefty price of, if I remember correctly, 55 euro, put me right off! I'd have no problem spending that money on a dress for an occasion, or even a night out, but this is the kind of thing I'd wear during the day on holidays, and my daytime clothes require daytime prices! lol Luckily enough for me I found the dress buried amongst a heap of clothes in the sale for the great price of 25 Euro! 

Urban Outfitters is one of my absolute favorite shops, but it's so expensive and out of my price range.. When I have some cash to spare, which is pretty rare, I head in and treat myself with something nice.. although I always feel guilty about the prices, I have to say that every item I've purchased in there has lasted years, the quality is amazing. I love crosses, but this skirt is the kind of thing I'd walk right by.. until one of my friends sported it at a music festival and I  fell in love with it! It looks like nothing on the hanger but is so funky on! When I spotted it for 12 euro today I just had to have it! It may just be the cheapest thing I've ever purchased in there!

I had to share this as I'm terribly proud of myself and never in a million years thought I'd find three amazing items like this for less than sixty euro all together!

Have you ladies found any amazing summer bargains? :)


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