Sunday, 30 September 2012

Alice Haddaway...

Although I now live in Florence, I've happened to come across another fabulous Irish designer!
Alice Haddaway, who grew up in Cork, Ireland. 
Her designs caught my eye instantly when I stumbled across a picture on Facebook.
Anything a little controversial, completely original and embellished is a big win for me!
Her work is strongly influenced by nature and religion, growing up in the countryside in Ireland it's pretty understandable as you're surrounded by the two. 
So before I babble on for too long here's a look at some of the amazing pieces shown at London Graduate Fashion week 2010...

The amazing cloak from her collection was actually brought on tour by Florence Welsh of Florence and The Machine! 
Personally, these are the most high fashion and out there garments that I've experienced to come out of Ireland.. They're very Gaga worthy don't you think?


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Man Bags: Yay or Nay?

Well hello there!
Yes I'm still alive and this is officially the biggest break I've ever taken from blogging!
The move to Florence, Italy, and the first couple of weeks of Fashion school have really kept me busy!
Not to mention the fact that I left my blogging notebook (where I keep all my post idea's and inspiration) in Ireland! No worries though, I'm back with plenty of crazy idea's and my notebook is in the post as we speak!

One thing that's really been on my mind lately, (Living in Italy and what not) is the man bag!

I'm not sure if any of you have ever been to Italy, but being half Italian, spending all of my summers here and now living here, I've come to learn that the line between gay and straight Italian men, is terribly thin!
The guy you meet in the tobacco shop wearing a skin tight, bright pink vest top, over-sized sunglasses and a man bag, is more than likely straight! 

I don't mind the clothes so much... but what is this man bag? I'm the girl, I carry the handbag. End of.
The most frustrating this for me is, that every second guy has one!
A guy could look like Brad Pitt in troy, but once I see that purse, I mean satchel, (Indiana Jones has one!) I am completely and utterly turned off for life.
I know, I know, I sound shallow... but seriously, a handbag? COME ON!
...a briefcase is fine..
...a backpack is fine..
...even those large, over the shoulder bags aren't the worst..
but to me, man bags are completely off limits!

 ...Ronaldo has one..
 ...Matthew has one...
...They're all over the runway... (Fendi)

So why don't I like them?

I'd love to hear what you ladies think of this subject.
Does your man sport a man bag? Do you think they're a great fashion statement, or just convenient for men with busy, day to day lives...
Or are you, like me, completely disgusted by them?

Ps. I can't believe it but... I missed my blogs first birthday! I'm the worst mammy ever! It was on the 9th of September, a whole year of blogging and I couldn't have enjoyed it more! So a very late happy birthday to 'Be Broke, Be Stylish, Be Slightly Boho'
Thank you for keeping me busy and entertained during some very boring times!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Well Hello There Florence...

As most of you probably know (from my constant babbling,) I've moved to Florence, Italy to study Fashion Design! I've been here almost a week now and surprisingly enough I've settled in extremely fast and haven't even felt an ounce of loneliness or home sickness...
I'm sharing an apartment with four American girls who are studying abroad for a semester, and in a week we've managed to have so much fun! 
Now that I've settled in it's time to get my blogging back on track, here's to hoping my classes (which begin tomorrow) aren't too time consuming...
I'll leave you ladies with a few snaps I took of the city from the roof of my college building...
Hope you all had an amazing summer!

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