Sunday, 30 September 2012

Alice Haddaway...

Although I now live in Florence, I've happened to come across another fabulous Irish designer!
Alice Haddaway, who grew up in Cork, Ireland. 
Her designs caught my eye instantly when I stumbled across a picture on Facebook.
Anything a little controversial, completely original and embellished is a big win for me!
Her work is strongly influenced by nature and religion, growing up in the countryside in Ireland it's pretty understandable as you're surrounded by the two. 
So before I babble on for too long here's a look at some of the amazing pieces shown at London Graduate Fashion week 2010...

The amazing cloak from her collection was actually brought on tour by Florence Welsh of Florence and The Machine! 
Personally, these are the most high fashion and out there garments that I've experienced to come out of Ireland.. They're very Gaga worthy don't you think?


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