Thursday, 25 October 2012

Clet: Florentine Street Artist...

Just days after my big move to Florence this September, As I was standing at my apartment window having a sneaky cig, I happened to notice that the T Junction sign across the street had a little man tagged on it, giving it the appearance of a crucifix. Amazed I showed my roomies and we giggled over it and applauded the genius teen that happened to get his hands on a permanent marker and come up with such a great idea... 
As it happens, I started to see more tagged street signs everywhere I went, and then the other night whilst on a night out I passed a gallery belonging to the street artist who is responsible for these works: Clet.

The artist has been based in Florence for the last twenty years and has a studio here.
I love that he takes street signs, which although small are always relevant, and makes them into works of art with just a few strokes of his paintbrush (or marker...). These effortless street works are one of the many things that make Florence the artistic and beautiful city it is.

What do you think? Is Clet about to give Banksy a run for his money?


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