Monday, 25 February 2013

The Chocolate Festival...

One of the best things about living here in Florence is all of the amazing events that take place!
Be it the Christmas Markets, The vintage fairs, they even covered the piazza of Santa Croce in little white pebbles and transformed it into a giant zen garden for an exhibition!
One of my favourites though, was the Chocolate festival in the piazza of the famous Santa Maria Novella church. 
Despite being a busy bee/ stress-ball with the heavy workload I've been given this semester, I just had to pull myself away from my studies last Sunday.
 I mean it's chocolate? How could I resist?

As we approached the piazza we could smell the chocolate in the air, and on arrival we were delighted to see several stalls set up, each selling the most unusual, mouth watering varieties of chocolate treats!
The fair really showed me that despite the fact that, on occasion, I've munched through several bars of chocolate without stopping for air, there really is a lot more to it, and something that I take for granted every day, is actually an art to some people!
See for yourself...

 A mermaid sculpture made of chocolate!

 Chocolate liquor

 Chocolate Stiletto's!
 Chocolate spoons, the perfect thing to stir your tea with!

 I couldn't leave out the chocolate kebab stand, where they literally carve chocolate and put it in a crepe case, along with chocolate syrup, fresh cream and a huge selection of toppings. Genius? Me thinks yes!

 After a lovely day of window chocolate shopping, which surprisingly proved just as difficult, if not more, than window shoe shopping, and trying to resist spending rent money on yummy treats, I received this lovely Valentines day package from my mam, dad and sister at home filled with delicious chocolate treats! Perfect timing!


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