Thursday, 21 March 2013

Swedish Swagger...

Florence is one of those cities that's bursting with young, trendy people from all over the world..
As you can guess I'm pretty much in Heaven living here!
Since starting back in September one thing I've noticed is how well the Swedish dress!
They're super eclectic and can go from looking super elegant to looking playful and casual.
I spotted the perfect opportunity for a few snaps and a blog post when my lovely friend Sigrid came to class a couple of weeks ago on a nice sunny day in this funky little ensemble...

While the trousers could be dressed up with a nice top and a pair of heels, Siggy chose to go casual and paired them with a red knit jumper, a vintage looking denim jacket and who can forget the ever reliable converse! I'm also in love with her chunky heart pendant which pulled the whole outfit together, if you're a vampire diaries fan you'll probably get the resemblance between it and Elena's necklace. I absolutely love this look!

What do you ladies think?


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